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Here is the first of the memorials. I have a [i]long[/i] list of people to do, and when I'm done I'll compile them all and put them in game. More information on that to follow.

Please fact check, spell check, grammar check, or just tell me what you think.

Thank you




During the early periods of Magic Duel, when all the land fought each other and there were no training fights or dojos, one warrior struggled to become the strongest, the best, and for a time he succeeded.

Deetn was this man, one of the first truly great warriors to master rituals and creatures. Whenever a new creature was discovered in the land, Deetn was always the first to train this creature to the next level, and the first to master its techniques. Dedicated and unfaltering, he trained until his mind was weathered and fit for battle, and became the first and only mp8. In this period when there were no restrictions on fighting, and anybody could attack anybody, many tried their strength against Deetn, attacking his defensive rituals over and over again. He was legendary for rarely ever loosing a battle, and when he did it was only later in his life when he fell from glory.

The sword of all warriors grows dull, and in time Deetn too began to stop fighting and stare into space more and more, talking to nobody. Adding to this inactivity, Deetn suffered from the win-disease, which was where the strong warriors had far too many wins than losses, and as a result could not fight others without loosing honor, but also could not give away wins to others because it was not in their nature to give away fights. As a result, they stagnated, unable to attack anybody else. In time, Deetn faded, and one day disappeared altogether. There are various myths in circulation, but his current location and situation are unknown.

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Here is the next memorial. Please do the same you did for Deetn's memorial for this one.

If I have missed anything that should be added, please let me know and I will insert it.

If you haven't noticed I'm going from oldest to youngest.



Ugauga was one of the earliest greats of the MagicDuel Society, and what stands out most about him was his willingness to help. One of the first LHOs, Ugauga was constantly hanging around the newbie areas and giving people hints and tips to help ease their way into the early realm.

Another way that Ugauga helped the MagicDuel Society was by being the head bug researcher, and for a while whenever there was a bug he investigated it and reported back to Muratus del Mur. In this way he helped the realm become more watertight to the threats of bugs, and improved the overall quality of the game.

Although not specifically remembered for his combat ability, Ugauga could nevertheless hold his own in any battle, and spent a good deal of time training and fighting as most everyone did. He was known to prefer training silently, keeping quiet for the most part until someone asked a question.

His whereabouts are unknown, and he has not been seen for a good long time. It is unlikely he will return, and he left no promise that he would ever return when he faded away. In the opinion of most, he is dead to the realm forever, but to be remembered.

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Omegaweapon was a secretive figure in the history of the realm, known most prominently for knowing the inner-workings of the realm, able to exploit secrets that few people knew of. Working with Big C, another knowledgeable warrior of the early realm, Omegaweapon was able to gain massive stats due to the fact that at that time there was no limit to the amount of heat one could accumulate. Due to this, Omegaweapon was able to achieve the highest stats and make others fear his brute strength rituals. Besides being a proficient warrior, he also helped the realm a considerable amount, finding exploits and reporting them to Muratus del Mur so that he could fix them, and make the game a more sound place.

In the Golemus Wizard quest, Omegaweapon was sent by the Shades to kill the Big C, however the prayers of the players and Thanasia saved Big C, and as a result Omegaweapon thought it necessary to kill the Golemus Wizard in order to stay on their good side. He proceeded to kill the wizard, and as a result he allowed Wodin to be summoned into the world.

He became known as a master assassin, able to kill silently and without remorse. He was to help defeat Wodin and prevent him from defeating the shades, however during the fight his personal demons overwhelmed him, and Omegaweapon succumbed to himself, disappearing most likely for good. No one has seen him since the Shade War, and he is assumed dead.


Once again, please give me comments, fixes, etc.

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  • 4 weeks later...

It's been a while... I know. And I'm sorry. But the good news is that I'm still slugging away! And today I bring you...



Another legendary figure in the early days of Magic Duel, Actraiser’s longest lasting signature on the realm is the beginning of research projects in the Archives. Although the actual group Archivists did not exist at the time when Actraiser was working on his projects, Actraiser was the first player to begin researching and writing for the realm. Working closely with such people as Shoeps, Actraiser had a group of researchers that worked with him. Actraiser was the writer and researcher of the first 4 months of the calendar, and left before completing the remaining 8 months. When he left, his research team fell apart and his projects remained unfinished (except for the Calendar project, which later became the responsibility of the Archivists).

Although most famous for being the father of the Archives and the Archivists, Actraiser was known for a variety of other feats as well. He was an exceptional fighter, as most legendary players of the early period were. He was one of the first to gain a creature or learn the newest ritual technique. The summon-army spell also bore his name for a while, as he was the first player to ever use it. The spell was “Summon Actraiser’s Army,” which he would use when he wanted a particularly strong ritual.

He and STF were also close friends and at other times rival protectors. Actraiser and STF were the first two mp6 protectors of the land, and people were forced to choose between the two.

At this time there was also no limit on the maximum honor a player could have. As a result, some players gained massive amounts of honor. Actraiser was one of the most flagrant honor collector, at one point having as much as 24k honor. This later became his downfall when he was cursed with the win disease, and he could no longer attack others because of the massive amounts of negative honor he would have gained. While he stagnated, others such as Big C quickly caught up to his strength and then surpassed him.

His death was more of a fading away. One day, he had wandered off, and was seen only once afterwards. He has not been seen for more than a year, and is thus declared dead.


Comments? Corrections?

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Another memorial, this time of one of the original artists. This one may be a bit questionable, because Valy was very long ago, and its a bit difficult to pin down exactly what he drew, but I believe this is all accurate. If it's wrong, please please correct me.

Edit: Changed some things ( Thank you Liberty, Akasha), and removed another at the advice of someone.

Edit 2: Massive overhaul.



Although Valy is not the only artist to have contributed to MD, he is widely recognized as one of the most important, if not the most important. The reason for this is that he has contributed 80-90% of all of the images in the realm. Although he was never an influential member of the society in terms of speaking and creating and fighting as many of the others who we remember today, he is memorable at least for his ability to create a place in which many can come together.

As Muratus del Mur has said before, Valy is the biggest contributing artist. He was able to produce far more pieces of artwork than other of the other artists that have worked for the realm, and on top of that he was the best at producing the kind of artwork that Mur desired. The less Mur told Valy about the details, the better Valy drew. Valy knows more than any other artist about the inner workings of the drawings, and how to produce more. As a result, from time to time Valy still works for the realm.

Valy has been seen occasionally in realm, but he keeps to himself, and is locked away in a room somewhere, his imagination filling in the backgrounds.

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  • Root Admin

Valy is not playing much, he is online when he has to see locations and such. Like with all the artist that come from outside the game you have to understand Valy is not a player first of all but an artist and then a player (if at all)..so if he is no longer online in game it doesn't mean he left for good. I worked with many people, scattered scenes and creatures allover the realm and especialy avatars are the work of many individuals, 3 of them you never met because they never had a md account :) ..but over time Valy became my friend and his work for MD is the most consistent and covers now 80-90% of what is here. All what you see its his imagination, like i said countless times i am not telling the artist what to draw exactly (except when its realy something that has to be that way) but i am telling the guides, the main feeling, ideea and concept of what i want to come out, thats what matters for me. The artist is free to do anything that in the end will have the same result. From time to time big time gaps happen between me and him, like it did with chapter 3 art. He is not at all a constant artwork provider, but when he does, he is the heavy artilery so to say. I remember back in the old good days when he was doing like 8 scenes per day, no artist i worked with after him could equal half of that. The best best thing about him is that i can communicate with him without many words, it happend to me that i had to explain people 100 times what i wanted and still didnt got what i wanted, but with him is the opposite, in fact i think even if i dont explain anything at all i will get what i want ;) and thats the most important thing of all. Working for such a long time on MD he allready knows some things about it, things that save countless hours of explaining and reasoning. his main job is not MD however, i wish it was but its not, so Valy works on MD only from time to time, but as a person he is a friend that i talk to constantly.

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Latest memorial. STF, a great man. (edited, thank you Akasha for fact checking)



STF was most widely known for his age, he was one of the first players of MD and kept playing it for an incredibly long period of time. Why he left is unknown, theories include that he realized all of his friends have left, that he got bored, or perhaps even that his out-of-realm activities grew too tough to juggle. Although STF played for such a long time, in his later days he was inactive, spending most of his time at Willow’s Shop, lazily fighting and barely ever talking. It was because of this that when he announced publicly at Willows that he was leaving, very few people made a large fuss because most in the crowd had no idea who he was.

In the early days, STF was simply an addict. He spent a lot of time on MD, once even spending a week straight on MD to prove that you did not get loyalty points for doing so. As everyone was in the early days of MD, STF was a fighter, working along such combat greats as Big C, Actraiser, ugauga, and deetn.

STF was also featured in the Golemus Wizard challenge. He was sent on a mission by the shades to attack the Wizard, but when he tried to do so, he disappeared into a dream. In this dream, he met Morpheus, who asked him the riddle, “So close but yet so far, ones fear is the other ones war.” With the help of the thoughts of other players, he solved this riddle (death), and lived to tell the tale. From that point forth, STF had a special connection with Morpheus, the two becoming closely bonded, and at a later point it was suggested that STF even had control of Morpheus.

STF was one of the first protectors when Mp6 first came out, and was known as a great protector.

Whether you see STF as an addict, a combat master, or an artist, he was a prominent figure in MD’s history, and it is a shame he was so soon to be forgotten. Let this memorial serve to ensure that he is never forgotten again, should he return.

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You did?! Can you contact him for me? I would love to talk to him.

Furthermore, if anyone has any sightings of the above people, can you ask them to contact me? If they want my yim it's awiiya1@yahoo.com, if they want my email it's the same, or they can just find me in realm. Or get their information? Anything, but I would love to talk to any of these people to get their memorials more accurate.

Thank you.


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  • 1 month later...

I bring you memorials from my vacation! Critique, correct, etc.


Big C

Big C was one of the earliest heroes, and it has been argued by a number of people that Big C was and is the most influential person to ever walk the realm. Whether you agree fully with that statement, the fact remains that he altered the way we interact, and the effects of his changes still linger today.

Big C got his start in the fighting era, where high stats equaled victory. The creatures provided for relatively little variety in the fights, and so whoever had the higher stats was usually the victor. Although Big C was not the first to train, but he quickly became one of the best. He used heat (as at that time there was no heat limit) in order to quickly amplify his rewards and improve his stats. Omegaweapon was the one who originally created this method for training, but Big C and him worked together. Because of their success, heat was capped at 4,400. Big C was not known solely for his ability in combat, although at the time one’s skill in combat was how they were judged in the realm. Big C was one of the first ones to be known for not just fighting, but also going on adventures.

In the realm there was a shift from a land in which the only purpose was to fight to one in which other more complex interactions began. The biggest marker of this shift was the plot of the Golemus Wizard, and the Shade’s attempt to stop his magic. Big C was caught in the middle of this shift, and due to his failure to the shades to kill the Golemus Wizard, he was attacked by Omegaweapon and dragged into Necrovion. There he was left for dead, never to rise again. But he was not dead, no far from it. A group of people lead by Thanasia began to pray for him, and their prayers saved him. He did not die as was planned, but instead barely lived in Necrovion.

Whatever became of Big C is largely unknown. SmartAlekRJ supposedly resurrected him in January of 2009. He went to the dark parts of Necrovion, gathered the remains of Big C, and brought them to the Laboratory on Golemus to resurrect him. Following this, Big C was seen around the land, although he was only a shadow of is former self. True to his nature, whenever he was spotted he was seen in the combat oriented places, mostly GGG, training to gain his strength back.

To this day, the shadow of Big C wanders around occasionally, a testament man that brought the change from pure fighting to other types of interaction.


Second of three. Critique, correct, etc.


Wodin Ullr (first recorded reincarnation)

Wodin Ullr is a warrior who was first summoned by the Golemus Wizard. Some suggest that Wodin has been summoned many times before, and is a long-living protector of Golemus. This is likely, although there is no concrete proof.

While the Golemus Wizard was performing his ritual to bring back Wodin Ullr, the shades heard about the project and began to send people in to Golemus to kill him. Big C was the first, but he would not attack the Golemus Wizard. STF and Akasha were others who were sent in, but STF was trapped in a dream by Morpheus and Akasha chose to avoid him altogether. Omegaweapon was the only one sent into Golemus that succeeded in killing the Wizard. However, the Wizard had planned it all along, and needed to be killed in order to complete his ritual. Therefore Omegaweapon played right into the hands of the wizard in resurrecting Wodin Ullr.

Wodin Ullr became the protector and leader of Golemus. He was seen at the Road of Battles training those who came to him, and training. He was considered to be the strongest warrior, but he had illusions of grandeur. He started to crave for a war with the shades, and to destroy them. He began gathering an army, which trained at the Road of Battles. The Shades of course heard of this, and appointed Khalazdad to be their general against the threat. The Sentinels were created to counteract the Guerilla Golemicarum, which was Wodin’s army. The training continued on, with a number of small skirmishes. Just before the final and greatest battle was fought, however, Wodin disappeared, and was nowhere to be found. His army still fought, but that day the Wodin that the Golemus Wizard had called died.

Whatever happened to Wodin? No one is quite sure. When he was needed most, he was not there. Perhaps it is part of the nature of the spirit; to help and build up something grand, and then at the final moment disappear. In any case, the Wodin that had trained so many at the Road of Battles (Renavoid, Yami no Sakura, Memory and Glaistig to name a few) was never to be seen in the same way again. Occasionally the ghost of Wodin can still be seen at the Road of Battles, with a sword in hand.

Other reincarnations of Wodin have been witnessed, most prominently the Yrthilian reincarnations. These reincarnations are not as strong, nor do they say much. One day perhaps the old Wodin will come back, or a reincarnation will lead another army against the Shades.


Third of three. Critique, correct, etc.

Edit: Changed due to recommendations by Nex



Alche was one of the more peculiar and intricate characters of the realm, and a shame that he has vanished.

He first came to prominence when he ventured into Golemus, searching for the same thing that Akasha had in the past: the Book of Principles. Alche was a deep thinker, entranced with the inner workings of the mind, and he believed that the Book of Principles would provide him with the understanding and intelligence he desired. Alche would often observe the behavior and words of others, and then make guesses at what they were thinking. His quests also involved asking a question or posing an object and then asking the opinions of others. There were never any set answers for this type of quest, and as a result all you had to do was think in order to gain a reward. Thinking and working the brain was what Alche believed the most in.

His search for the Book of Principles can be argued to be a failure or a success. If you believe that he found the Book inside the pyramid, and came back enlightened, then his trip was a success. If you do not, then he instead came very close and gained something other than the book. The fact is that Alche went to Golemus, and thought about Mount Kelle’Tha and what secrets it could hide, and then went into the central pyramid. He cannot take credit for his feat altogether, though. He had the help of all the minds of the realm working together, and sending him their ideas. What came out was different, and the results are ambiguous. It is possible that he found the Book, but it is also possible that he did not.

The cause of his death is unknown. One day he was wandering around the land, asking questions and inspiring thought, the next he was gone. Being a physical manifestation of the Principles, it is likely he was broken down, and exists separate in other things.


Other things:

1. The Book is now finally available in game! That's right, the Book of Ancients can be found lying in the dirt at the Clash of Ages. These three will be added as soon as they meet your approval.

2. I am nearing the end of my list of people, so I may be asking for suggestions sometime in the near future.

3. The next people on my list are: Aqune and Khalazdad. On Pamplemousse's list is: Renovoid, NelyaSetesh, Phrog, Eden.

4. I took Savelfuser off my list because after a good period of investigation all I could find was a creation story that I cannot be sure actually took place. If someone would like to go against this, please come with evidence and absolutely true stories. Thank you.


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Aqune? O_O What did Aqune do?
I suggest Khalazdad, Phrog, Renavoid, Nelya.
I think almost all the former RPCs are worth mentioning (except a few like Speaker for the Dead and Thanasia) since for a shorter or longer period of time they meant something for the game.
Eden would be also an option. He was indeed the strongest player for a pretty good period of time.

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about alches article:
as this article is as much about alche as it is about his quest for the book of priciples, i think you should at least 'mention' the great support group somewhere :D http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/1794-support-group-for-alche/page__hl__support%20group%20alche__st__20
also, in light of how it 'ended' (the death of his phisical body and transformation to principles amalgam) the last part "Perhaps he fell into a hole or was slaughtered by a passing Land Guardian." seems a little strange (or at least bad pun-/ insider joke-esque). being a manifestation of basic principles, shouldn't we just say he diffused into the land?

that aside, great work as always :)

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Well, dst, just for you I have this memorial written up. If you see things that need changing, please as always let me know.



Aqune was one of the longest lasting veterans, existing actively for upwards of 450 days before finally disappearing. She lasted through the beginning fighting era of the realm and into the magic era. She was the closest associated with the land of Loreroot.

In the early days of the realm, Aqune was a fighter like the majority of people. She was not the strongest fighter in the land at any time, but she was most known for her clever use of lifestealers. For the most part she did not stand out in the fighting arena.

Her largest legacy is her work in Loreroot. In addition to being one of the first members of the Guardians of the Root, she also later served on the High Council, which now no longer exists. She worked with NelyaSetesh, Eden, BlackThorn, and others.

Her job was to govern over the weather, changing it as her mood saw fit. Be it rain, clouds, sun, or wind, Aqune ruled them all. Although others have the power to change the weather, Aqune was the first Storm Maiden, and she had the widest variety of conditions to choose from. The ability to control the weather proved useful on a number of occasions, most prominently when phrog needed assistance.

She was known to stand outside the gates of Loreroot, assisting those who required help in gaining access to her homeland. She was a “Guardian” of the Maple Road, and for her help she gained a number of followers and became a protector. Among her worshippers was Tarquinus, the leader of the Children of the Eclipse.

She was also known for having an extensive knowledge of the realm, which comes along with her age. Not only did she create a map of all the places in the realm, but she also created a list of all the creatures, their artwork, and all their descriptions.

Aqune is an old veteran, and one deserving of our thanks for her help.


And a memorial that is rather dear to my heart.



Khalazdad is one of the truly long-lasting and there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he deserves a memorial as a testament to his legacy. If you ask anybody that lived during Khalazdad’s reign they will agree that good or bad he deserves to be remembered.

Khalazdad’s start was rather humble. He was not a particularly strong warrior, though he did his fair share of fighting. What he was most known for was his words of wisdom and stories. Khalazdad had a way of taking anybodies words, and twisting them to make the speaker think more. Spending an hour with Khalazdad was always a brain workout. Khalazdad specialized in short stories with central morals, and his stories always had more meaning than just the face value. Beyond the adventure and material pleasure that the stories provided, the way in which the characters interacted provided a way for the listeners to discover truths about themselves and others. His stories also tended to have a dark feel to them, drenched in images of despair and sadness. A being of the desert, with an empty center where the warm heart should be, rattled by the wind that moved the dunes of the desert.

It was for Khalazdad’s obsession with the desert, and by extension Necrovion, that the Shades chose him to be their General when the threat of Wodin arose. The Shade Sentinel took him in, and made him half-shade, giving him strange and often misunderstood consequences.

Khalazdad had a strange quirk. There were three Khalazdads: Khalazdad the White, full of kind words and always serving; Khalazdad the Grey, neither shining with virtue or shadowed by arrogance, the middle; and Khalazdad the Black, the aggressive side that came out whenever there was a threat. Depending on the need, one of the three Khalazdads would be dominant, hiding the others until they were needed. Such was the duty of the King; to serve the people and provide them with the type of leader they needed. During the war with Wodin, Khalazdad the Black reigned, killing all those who crossed him, and a threat to be reckoned with. It was Khalazdad the Black that got the Sentinels together, and began building a response to Golemus Golemicarum.

In the Shade Balance, Khalazdad the White and Khalazdad the Black combined to form Khalzdad the Grey, due to a sacrifice by SageWoman. If you would like to read the details of that, the Adventure Log is a good place to go.

After Wodin had left, his army without a leader, the threat against the Shades was no more, and Khalazdad the Grey born, Khalazdad ruled the Sentinels, teaching those that listened, and creating lessons for his Sentinels. He ruled not by strength or stats, but by knowledge and words. His words gathered crowds of people, and inspired hour long debates.

Khalazdad took three wives: Falen Angel, Siala Lonewolf, and Kittiness. Kittiness spent her days tending to Khalazdad, and followed him around wherever he went. Khalazdad and Kittiness set up a tent at the Howling Gates, serving water and providing shade to those who desired to stop and talk a bit. Siala and Falen primarily did what they pleased, spending time occasionally with Khalazdad. Falen joined the Sentinels for a period before being kicked for causing trouble. The three wives had children after Khalazdad had left and faded away.

Khalazdad was crowned the King of Necrovion by the Shades, after he passed through the Tunnel of War with the prayers of those who supported him. Once there he had a conversation with two shades, and they agreed that he was the King of Necrovion, giving him a gold crown to wear on his head.

The cause of Khalazdad’s death is unknown. He began to fade long before he left, and all those around him could see it. He no longer spoke much, instead choosing to sit next to the Howling Gates and Kittiness. The new people that saw him did not hear his words of wisdom, instead hearing the empty silence that took control of Khalazdad. This continued for a few months, until finally there was the realm wide announcement that Khalazdad had retired from King. He has not been seen since then, and will likely never be seen wandering the realm again, shadow of himself or the original Khalazdad.

Peace, Marvolo, and MalachiW are the sons and daughter of Khalazdad (different than the children born by Falen, Siala, and Kittiness). Amoran and Kalamanira Kol are the sisters of Khalazdad. Whether they are adopted or directly descended from him is unsure. After Khalazdad faded away, Marvolo took control of the Sentinels, as the new leader (although, technically he is the Prince). Peace later took the title of Leader of the Sentinels from Marvolo, largely because Marvolo became lethargic and inactive.


So, that brings me to the end of my list. I don't know what Pamplemousse is doing, or if she needs help, so stay tuned for that. I will start a forum topic asking for nominations for other people.

Last call for comments on the first 3, by the way. I edited Alche's a bit, to Nex's comments.


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i knew ya cant trust archies, too subjective, cmon... marv isnt king yet, i dont see crown, and wodin defeated? no he gave up, thats A LOT different, in this story it seems like khal won war and beated woddy, which isnt true, its pretty simple khal was slain at house of ld, wot happened after that i am not sure of coz i dont understand it but i remember that khal himself claimed that khal which was once the man doesnt exist anymore and this new joined gray one took his place... or something like that, well idk, but my point is... ya made khal look like winner, while there was no real winners, sentineles suffered great loss, shades got balanced which ended up in weakening them, and woddy gave up from fight he WASNT defeated

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What about Glaistig? ;) She was a forum moderator and one of the first LHOs. Since you made one about Aqune then Glai deserves one for sure.

As for Aqune...hmmm...should I let everybody know she (btw:she is a he, playing a she role...but ok, I understand that you are talking about a role not the person) was one of the most annoying players in MD? :D And that I promised her she will never win HC. Guess what? She never did :D .
As for Wodin: his ego was so big that he could not stand someone that would challenge him? When he got bored he left destroying things behind him. He was the reason why the reset account button was removed.

I will add things if I remember them.

Edited by dst
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[quote]but STF was trapped in a dream by the Wizard[/quote](Wodin)trapped by Morpheus into the dream.

[quote]Wodin Ullr became the protector and leader of Golemus. He was seen at the Road of Battles training those who came to him, and training. He was considered to be the strongest warrior, but he had illusions of grandeur. He started to crave for a war with the shades, and to destroy them. He [b]began gathered[/b] an army, which trained at the Road of Battles. The Shades of course heard of this, and appointed Khalazdad to be their general against the threat. The Sentinels were created to counteract [b]the Golemus Golemicarum[/b], which was Wodin’s army. The training continued on, with a number of small skirmishes. Just before the final and greatest battle was fought, however, Wodin disappeared, and was nowhere to be found. His army still fought, but that day the Wodin that the Golemus Wizard had called died.[/quote](Wodin)Grammer, and Guerrilla Gollemicarum, you wrote the island name ;)

[quote]His words had a worth than anybody could hear.[/quote](K) Grammer

I would also swap the last two paragraphs round for K's, personal preference

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[quote name='awiiya' date='11 August 2009 - 10:30 PM' timestamp='1250022618' post='39224']

Peace, Marvolo, and [s]MWBrady[/s](MalichiW) are the sons and daughter of Khalazdad (different than the children born by Falen, Siala, and Kittiness). Whether they are adopted or directly descended from him is unsure. After Khalazdad faded away, [s]Marvolo took control of the Sentinels, as the new King. Peace later took the title from Marvolo, largely because Marvolo became lethargic and inactive. [/s] (Khalazdad gave us both as much power, we ruled the sentinels Both... Pple seem to forget that... Peace and Me ran the alliance as equals... Loyalty doesnt matter..)(I am Lethargic and inactive? Thanks for that ;) )

Also, There is another member of the Family you forgot... Amoran Kalamanira Kol... My Aunty
And me King? O.o Thats why my tag is "PRINCE of the Sands" ?

Edited by Prince Marvolo
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