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Clickable Glowing Objects


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The clickable objects that many rpcs use for quests don't work for me.

I just get this...

link href="../css/css.default.ui

Does this happen to anyone else and (more importantly)does anyone know how to fix it?

They sometimes (very rarely) work for me though
Not every clickable object is broken. About 25% work for me now
Oh yes and all the clickable objects used to work for me. This problem only showed up recently
Oh yes and some items that work may not work later and some that don't work may work later. It is all random.

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On a related note (I saw CSS in the url of the code), it would be lovely if CSS coding worked with RPC items.

What I mean is the <style="text/CSS"> code to work, and to allow CSS coding to show. It works for papers, so I don't see why it can't work for RPC items as well.

And perhaps CSS not working in RPC items has something to do with this bug?


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I used to face the same problem.

I ignored it before cause I was not into questing.

After finding the joys of questing, this is what I did to ensure that the page shows its message.

Clear cookies and watever that can be cleared.

It might happen again once or twice, but after clearing 2 to 3 times, the problem should stop.

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