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Strange non-battle with an mp2

Willem RedBeard

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Not sure exactly what more to add than the screenshots. I fought an mp2 at the Loreroot entrance, when I finally engaged in the attack, it gave the usual message about no defending forces and everything you see in the screen shots.

My ritual was 2 chaos archers, a maxed element, a maxed Grasan, a maxed tree, and a level 4 Drachorn.

*edit: yes, the second screen shot shows a good number of my creatures... I don't mind, but if this is a spoiler or something, just remove it. It actually showed ALL of my creatures on that page of the battle log. That was the strange part incase it isn't obvious.

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Well...it is strange indeed but as I always say: if you can reproduce it (or at least if it happens again) then it's a bug if not...then it's an exception.

Why I say this? Because without knowing the environment I don't think Mur can do anything. You can't fix something that you don't know what it is or what causes it.

So, of it happens again or you can reproduce it post here all the details.

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I think this happened because you clicked on one of your creatures, which then brought you to their page... but I'm not entirely sure. At least, that's my suspicion. I'll do some testing.

edit: tried it, no dice. So... that means I have no clue. Good luck!


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No, no, no. That was a different thing. Back then we intended to use all the crits. Here it happened by accident (I am not even sure if all the crits participated in the battle or at the end they all showed up just to puzzle us).

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