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Can't Post In Certain Section


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i cannot post or reply in section of Savelites Church...
the topic i made "rebirth of Savelites" has been made in Historic documents, and i asked Grido to transfer it to Savelites section which he did, but i still cant reply to my own topic!!

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Can you please tell me what error you receive?
Maybe a print screen will help also.

Cause i just did a test and I can post in there. And I saw that Udgard can also post to your topic.

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i checked few other sections, all works fine, i only cant post at Savelites section...

it's like this

* MagicDuel Forums
* > Loreroot
* > The Savelites

Page 1 of 1

* You cannot start a new topic (instead of make new topic, its in gray, like i'm not logged in)
* You cannot reply to this topic
* Icon Watch this topic

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