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Small Spelling Error


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In House of Liquid Dust area the sign reads,

"For new players:To regenerate your creatures you need to have enough vitality then go on your creatures page and click the orange button under each creature to give part of your vitality to it. You can recover vitality by waiting for ti to regenerate, using the free credits page, buying powerups or later on in the game by doing regeneration fights with friendly players."

In the line "You can recover vitality by waiting for ti to regenerate...." It is spelled backward.


P.S. I'm new here, so if I did anything wrong in my bug report, I am sorry and would gladly read a PM with instructions on how to do it correctly.

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Spelling errors continued.

On the "Creatures under your control" Guide, the subcategory "Recharging a creature"

There is a line with a few spelling mistakes.
"Make sure you have enough vitality tu recharge them becuse usualy after an intensive fight you remain also without vitality, in this case you have to wait for the next regeneration interval."

To, Because, and Usually were spelled incorrectly.

- Zilther

P.S. I'm not trying to sound like a critic, I'm just good at catching stuff like this. :D

[quote name='Burns' date='25 July 2009 - 12:38 PM' timestamp='1248525515' post='37875']
those spelling and grammar issues are all over the game, in time, people stop caring and start reading between the lines xD

Okay, so, should I stop posting them?

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Well, I can tell you about this: The thing is Mur himself is too busy to fix that usually, we have no GM doing it either...and no translator manager who could've done it.

Basically, nobody has access to the panels and has enough time to work on them...at least not in the recent time.

It will however be helpful if you do make a list and save it, but it will be rather unlikely to be used within a shorter timeframe.

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for the english translation, it's written in the code, it's not in panels, so it's not only having the person able to clean up the text, it's also trusting them with the coding and such

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