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Shop Joker, Sacrificing


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i didnt look before the recent change, and i'm not actually going to sacrifice my max Joker

but looking at the sacrifice screen for it, there is no temp/perm Stats or skills, the only gain from sacrificing it appears to be principles currently, not sure if that is intentional or not?

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  • Root Admin

sac reward is calculated based on the creature cost. The more expensive it is to buy or upgrade to that level the more reward you get. In case of the joker i think its only req is xp and that makes it return only principles. I can only hope there are a lot of them.

An other painfull situation is the santa. I am not sure if premium and limited edition creatures should give a huge reward or just like it is now. I think its somehow more ballanced if those creatures do not give any particulary high sac reward, but its still open for debate.

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