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Bunny's Bar

Metal Bunny

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In a drunken fit, or a drink desiring mood (they are close together), I, as of today, broke into the willow's shop abandoned pub and claimed it as my own.

I put this on the sign.

Bunny's Bar

Bunny's Bar be brimful with booze such as beer.

We be having broth as well for the hungry.
No brothel though, bunnies dislike seeing naked humans.
Hearing them is worse.

And yes, it be truth. Metal Bunny broke into the pub and declared it his own after acquiring most of the content of the liquor cabinets.
I dare you, take it from his cold dead metalic paws.

We be serving all sorts of ales, wines and stronger drinks as well. Just ask; Metal Bunny is certain there is some left in some locked up place somewhere in the back.

Be wary though, this is not a lounge nor a sanctuary. This is a place where belligerent boys come to beat the brains out of beer-filled bums.
This is a place where fighting is encouraged and where the strongest have been since the dawn of... Mur...

Tipping the bartender is customary and not an option to refuse. Metal Bunny dislikes sharing his booze for free. And don't relieve yourself inside the pub, do it in the bushes like true inebriated lads do. It fertilizes Metal Bunny's veggies.

Here is a screenshot of me... claiming my new establisment.

Edited by Metal Bunny
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After 2 hours of redecorating and rebuilding the pub some major changes happened.
It's easier to explain by just posting what the sign says.

The Bunnilicious & Fruitastic Lounge

Welcome to the wonderful lounge of .Metal Bunny. and .Pamplemousse.

With .Pamplemousse.'s impeccable taste and service as well as wonderful interior decoration skills, one will find one's self to be swiftly on a wonderful journey to relaxey-land. The wonderful fountains decorated with real life winderwilds, are aesthetic wonders as they spoil your eyes with its beautiful colors and treat your ears with the smooth sound of flowing water. But the greatest sensation is when you taste the water, our divine pink champagne, it brings even the moodiest of meanies into a state of inebriated enlightenment and fulfillment.
So sit down and order some drinks so you may enjoy some well deserved quality time.

The drinks, with compliments of .Metal Bunny. come from the best vineyards and breweries imaginable and as they come up through the ingenious trolley system that .Metal Bunny. made, you will know for certain that your drink will arrive on time and always to your liking. Be it hot or cold, or straight from the bottle, our anti-thief trolly system will add to the luxurious feeling of our lounge.

Welcome, relax and enjoy your stay.

It has received a citrussy touch.
Welcome to relaxey-land.

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It's hardly [i]another[/i]bar.. It has been made into a bar sometime ago, bunny just claimed ownership over the abandoned bar. Besides, none of the current bars serves carrot juice, so this one is certainly unique.

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Ads? Ha! 2 out of 3:
Drinking Rucksack Backpack and Beer making equipment! Beat that!

Oh, Bun-Buns....what happened to you? Alcohol? C'mon...be a dear and make some bunny soup or stew or whatever has some nice, fluffy, sweet bunny as ingredient.
Yeah, I'm currently drooling for some big, juicy with french fries steak!

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Nono, that's the cheap alcohol not even worth drinking that I left in the cupboards and cabinets. I made a special anti-theft trolly system for the bar, that way none of you drunkards can pillage my stash!

... kinda like I pillaged it first, but that's not the point! I was here first greedy pigs! IT'S ALL MINE AHAHAHAAA..

euh.. and the cheap stuff belongs to pample.. -_-

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I don't know what Fenrir is complaining about...which he does all the time about Everything bleeping thing!

Windy loves having competition and by the way, she serves Carrot Juice! If anyone would bother reading her menus, they'd know this!

Anyway, there should have an ugly bartender competition between all the pubs, bars and Inns! Or just maybe, the cutest Pub owner...which would be Wendy. Bunny Wunny would only win if he was furry all over and not mental...er metal. ^_^

Edited by Leucretia
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I decided that I really dislike working at the bar; I mean, come on! I am an emperor! So.. like.. job openings are here.. and stuff.. I dunno, too lazy to work it all out.
You don't get pay and you get scraps for meals. You sleep outside.
Oh and you have to kiss my scepter everytime I am inside the pub.

Who wants to work at the lounge? :D:D

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Just wondering how this is starting to become offtopic? I am actually opening up a position for waiter, with those conditions.
If you think that is spam, then go ahead and move the topic to the offtopic section, no need to push a warn button.

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Posting just mesages like : lol @x player and things like that , it is called spam. That message got deleted and i put the warning in here so it can be seen by the ones that thinks to post spam again.

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