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Most Wanted - Factions

Muratus del Mur

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a few of my helpers are slightly indisposed at the moment, but i assure you we can be up and running anytime you wish us to be. Also if there is other crew interested in aiding please contact me so i can set you up properly.

As for the aid and agenda I know a lot of this is repeat, but it was written well the first time, so here you go.

right now i have:

Cryxus (Captain, faction organizer, jack of all trades)

Ailith (diplomacy leader)

Adiallinda (First mate, teacher in multiple fields)

Unbelievable Power (fighting and training)

Jester (Strategist)

Czez (general aid to new players)

Keith Moon (Roleplay assistance)

Kala (aid in helping artists and teaching)

Bill/Jinta Shook (general aid)

Cutler (havent talked to him a bit but he seemed interested as a strategist and quests)

teachers for subjects not mentioned, i.e. art and others to facillitate ease in the realm


Furthering the crew in a light, casual, but informative style, and a lot of enjoyable lessons to help advance...

<how the latter is formatted>

Field of Study (the titles they earn, as they get proficient, so as to seperate them for ease of learning, as we will all work together)...

Roleplay and diplomacy (number of titles based on what they do)

fighting(swashbucklers, perhaps another title)

Stories/Lore/Song/Poem and other writing, such as lore (Bards)

Quests/intellectual endeavors (strategists)

Information gatherers (they will be lumped into another categoy, on account of running around with an "informant" title would kind of, well ruin this)

Acts of Piracy (again, not expected, and no title, but something that is looked favorably on, especially if they can form the act of their own volition)

..all mp2s will be taught in all fields, as well as how to work well through teamwork. Moving on will be based on the whole of the character, and his ability to work with others, not just in one specific field. Special focus characters will occasionally be moved on.

~Other Benefits~

I will hold random events, parties, ect. for moral

I will invite characters of interest (especially ones who can teach something to the new players) in often to serve as models for the new characters.

titles (even if just on a faction list as they advance in particular fields), and other rewards as they advance.

I will write and tell stories

I will hold lectures

I can aid with papers

There will be pirate specific quests made (i.e. treasure quests, things of the sort)

I will advance those already skilled to work with their fellow pirates to advance them more quickly, so it won't fall ~entirely~ on the teachers, although teachers will ideally be most advanced in their field

Players will be allowed more personal freedom, on account of pirates not being a very cut and dry thing, i.e. some could be healers, some could be teachers, some could be fighters

Other rewards that will be discussed as the time for new rewards is needed, even if it costs me as captain, or some crew based system

Officers and Captain will vote together... no single person determines the progress of a character

Officers will get a solid vote, and will be given the chance to out-vote captain if needed with a majoirty vote


As they complete the faction I give them the freedom to do as they wish, but ideally they will choose to remain with the crew, but keeping the bonds and loyalty gained there no matter what choice it is, perhaps even come back as a teacher. Also they get recogised as being a capable, well informed person within the crew, and will often get leniency based on bonds they formed within the faction.

oh, and one last thing... yay :)):))

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The Nomads also apply.

No Man's Land-

The Nomads are there.

What are The Nomads?

A faction of people who learn how to survive in MD.
A faction for independent people with a heavy role play bias.
A faction designed to integrate newcomers.

We are belonging to no land, owned by no man, and allied to no clan but our own and any we choose to stand with.
Would you be a wily trader, cunning thief, courageous guardian or imaginative creator?
Can you appear as coyote, yet have the smarts of an owl?
Can you learn the ways of…survival?

We combine MD themed lessons with those from real life. Survival techniques, things you usually wouldn't learn.

While first talking with each Faction Leader, the new faction member will then decide to pick a path to walk upon.

Roleplaying is the first thing they learn about, and it is a basic skill everyone has to learn, no matter what they choose
Information Gathering, Trading, Fighting, Magic, Crafting.

All of these are available as lessons- provided due to a few selected Teachers:

Zleiphneir (Focus on being a Guardian)

Kragel (Focus on being a Creator)

Shadowseeker (Focus on being a Thief, but not just any pickpocket, secretive things etc.)

Kriskah Arcanu (Focus on being a Trader)

Kafuuka (Focus on being a Helper for now)

Spots may have to be filled according to inactivity.

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I am Tara the Demon-Princess and I was chosen to be the Heir to the Trone
of Hell by my uncle.
Because of the fact that Hell creatures have no home place I made this Faction.
It is now stil a small faction but in time it will grow.

a picture of home the Plains of Hell

When invited by me ore a factionmember you can a member of this faction
and we are picky *chuckles*
You must be evil ore a wanabee evil being.

The rules of joining the Faction Plains of Hell:
* Obay my comands and do take my (Tara/Ladytwin) advice when given.
* Help other Hell Creatures.
* Work on making Tara Town real in the mind of others and your self.
* Make evil plans and have fun. (but plans involving others run them
by me to be shure they are oke)
* We demons love to have fun so have fun like I do *winks*
* Copy this page in your pages somewhere.

Optional (just for the fun of it *winks*)

* Add me (Tara/Ladytwin) to your friend list.
* Be my (Ladytwin) adept.

Follow these rules as much as your own nature allows.

When given this will be our flag some day

All Hell Creatures are welcome to live in Tara Town (GoC)
Plains of Hell Members:



Two Sides
Robin Mea
Cloud Elite
Jack Begemot

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I also had an idea for a faction (am i supposed to post this here or somewhere else?)
The Synod
Not exactly a religious faction, but neither a military one. We focus on understanding what surrounds us, studying various creatures and places. We strive to prevent violence (unless it is needed)
The staff will be composed of 13 members (i currently have 8) and all new comers will be judged by The higher Synod (staff) and granted access, or not (is this how it's supposed to go?).
Each staff member will have its own established role (i will hold a meeting of the synod soon, to set this up)

Ok here it is:
we have 13 staff members, each with a well established role. I have only found 8 worthy to join us until now, but we shall soon have all 13 seats taken. if you're interested, PM me in game or on the forum.
If one would like to join the Synod (as a follower, not as staff) he or she ought to be judged by the Higher synod firstly, then put under the apprenticeship of one of the Higher Synod.
Here are the members we have (we have our titles established, but we must hold a meeting of the synod to decide our roles):
1. Aeoshattr, Lord of Treachery and Arcane (current leader of the Synod*)
2. Lady Renata, Mistress of seduction and desire
3. Mya Celestia, Empath of the Guardians
4. Sharpwind, Servant of Hope and Seeker of Truth
5. Aero, Puppet Master
6. Shemhazaj, Wanderer and Seeker of Redemption
7. Sharazad, (title not decided yet)
8. Adam Icephoenix, Guardian of Tranquility
* the leadership of the current leader of the synod can always be put under question to say so. if the majority of the Synod agrees the leader is no longer fulfilling his or her purpose, they will propose a new one.

What will our followers gain?
Peace of mind, heart and soul. We are not violent, we are merely attepmting to enrich the common knowledge of all beings (do not mistake us for the kelle'tha order: we do not study the history of MD. or important artefacts. we try to grasp the nature of common things, like rituals, creatures, etc)
When one is ready to depart from us, there are two options:
1. if he/she has proven very active and clever, they will be given a reward and then the permission to leave. An oath must be taken upon departure (this cases will be rare, i tell you XD)
2. if he/she has proven clever, but not active enough, they will be sent on a pilgrimage, to bring us SOMETHING (can be anything, from a simple information, to a most powerful creature) worth our attention. Should they be successful (and they will always be) they will be rewarded and granted the permission to leave. An oath must be taken upon departure.

What will our followers lose?
Perhaps they will lose their courage, some might forget honor, some might just go insane. It is a risk, but if they are good learners, these are nothing but minor issues

(sry for the delay, i haven't seen any new posts on this topic and felt discouraged XD)

P.S. i do believe cryxus deserves to have the first faction, as he has been long working on it. i am just posting my idea here, for future factions.

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[quote name='Aeoshattr' date='02 October 2009 - 09:38 AM' timestamp='1254469102' post='43505']
Is anybody actually checking this topic at all?
It has been long enough since the first time factions were mentioned for me to doubt my memory of what was said. I thought factions were supposed to have one or two RPCs in them? And that RPCs were encouraged to partake in factions. So the factions that are mentioned in this thread are probably not the only ones being planned and it is not supposed to be an invitation to make new ones. However nothing is fixed yet, so there could be place for new ones.

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  • Root Admin

Factions have been long since put aside for the moment.

If you want to do something with a faction, Do it yourself.

Asking Mur to help or implement an idea is the best way to stop it from EVER happening.

The best way to make something offical is to run it unoffically, If it works without Murs help he may make it offical.

And honestly the ideas here are intresting at best, But nothing that would fit in to MD, Asking for a whole new land? really?

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