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Torch Contest


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well last night I took a torch (in winds sanctuary) to try out the contest... but then I had to log off before scoring, thus loosing the torch. Now I'm wondering if it is normal I can still not buy new creatures / armor or sacrifice any creatures now that I'm not holding a torch anymore... its nothing really serious but i'm just checking if its workign as intended...

Each time I try to buy a weapon or a creature, I get the message I cant do that because torch contest is going. this mesage to be precise

Torch Competition Restrictions

Carry your torch with pride because you won't be able to access such location while you are competing or if are taged during this competition.

Good luck

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Well not being able to buy stuff is no problem at all while holding a torch, but as I said, I lost mine with logging out and I still cant buy stuff...
Its nothing serious I'll just wait till contest is done, just thought I'd point it out

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