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this ideea should be implemented in MD SHOP and can be purchess after u buy the friends list

i m thinking about a option for sherching players and the posibility to message them.
the sherch should only let u know if the player is online or not (and it could be disable during head contest)

no matter how many friends list u buy there is always someone hard to fiend, so this feature will be very usefull (especialy if u see the player last date hi was online)

of course any improvements from u r welcome :)

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There's a spell for locating players already..and if you really want to know if someone is on get friendslist on him. I'd dislike a new feature like this, taking some of the charm. MD is about running and seeking sometimes..(unless you seek an rpc, we get targeted through our list)

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this sounds exactly like the friends list to me....you can see when they're online and message them.

if you mean some sort of a search box and you type in their name, well, i dont think that's a good idea, it removes away from the friends list that players currently have, then there's Shadow's point as well, half of it is having to find the person to message them, it makes it too easy if you can just plug their name in

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  • Root Admin

as grido mentioned it conflicts with the friends list, But also it conflicts with what Mur has said previous (if i remember correctly) you will never be able to type in someones name and pm them or find where they are. you cant do that IRL, so why here?

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