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I hereby decree that the Canadians have a Clan! And so, their powers will by MULTIPLIED, if they are in the same screen!

Canadians, when their powers are activated, are even more super than superman! When together, Canadians can forum a (SUPER)^c Canadian, where c=the number of Canadians together, for example, three Canadians means the equivalent of a Super-super-super Canadian, when powers are activated.

PS: Canada>Everyone else

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We, the Americans, illegal aliens and the Natural Born Mexicans are currently building a Wall around the border of Canada and the United States.

While building the the wall and paying the illegal aliens in pesos and Euros (worth more than American money), the Mexicans are digging tunnels in strategic places and crossing over your invisible border before the wall is completed.

PS. We have nothing to declare.


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[quote name='SageWoman' date='27 September 2009 - 04:08 PM' timestamp='1254082080' post='43010']
Alaska is the last final frontier. They have places to hide and time to build their own armies. X D
They can also see Russia from their houses.

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