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Contests Idea For Festival Of Pain


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Ok, you can start posting the ideas and remember no comments/replys!


[quote][color="#cccccc"][2009-10-02 11:09:22 - Alpha 9][/color]
[b]Best Contest Organizer[/b]
Everyone is invited to submit their plans for a big and interesting contest they can organize. Best organizer will be rewarded IF he can actualy do that contest and if the contest is a success. As reward for the winners of this contest, i am putting up an amazing reward. A reward never seen as a prize untill now. So you bring the contest idea, i put the prize you give to your winners, and both you and them get rewarded. There will be also a secret reward that will be revealed to the winner only.
Please post your plans [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5256-contests-idea-for-festival-of-pain/"]here[/url]. Each user is requested to submit JUST ONE POST. If you have more to add just edit your initial post, do not reply to others. Users that post more than one post within this thread will get theor submission IGNORED. If more contest ideas sound good, more contest could take place over the duration of this Festival.

You have about two or more days to think of it, if more are required please post initial sketch of the contest and how many days you require to finish planning it. Good Luck and may the best organizer win!

Good luck

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Hello everyone this is my contest Idea

A hide and seek contest basically! heres how it will work due to ap and so forth it could be rather tricky!
I or someone of my choosing to make it harder will hide somewhere in MagicDuel! you will need to Pm me saying your participating and I will send out the name of the person or if its myself when it starts! first one to find the player Wins! maybe there could also be a second and third place supplemented rewards by myself We will see if my idea is chosen :D


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Contest Idea:

Build your character around your name for role playing, update your papers, etc, interact with your character's name in mind etc. If you have a name that is ordinary find out what your name means or make up a meaning and act accordingly.

Example: (Just an example)

My name: memory
Building my character: (I travel through MD as a memory of a great warrior or whatever, I chat, and write my papers accordingly...etc)

Best papers and role playing wins after a couple months of observation.

Thank you,

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MD-Trivia Contest

A short sentence (about 8-12 words) i find SOMEWHERE in the game interface will be scrambled and coded into items all over MD, each word protected with a rather easy Trivia question.
People who are able to PM me where i found that sentence, NOT the sentence, JUST where i found it, win, ranking based on when correct answer reaches my inbox.

Could be ready to start within an hour. Estimated lenght of the contest depends on how many prizes are to be given out, but i think not longer than 30 minutes if veterans would care to get them XD

PS: I'm aware of the cheating people will try, and have a (hopefully good) way of catching them.

1st one gold coin
2nd a Pimped Grasy, no age
3rd a TS, pretty low age
4th an Angien, no age
5th and 6th might receive a silver coin if i feel like^^

EDIT: Test was done, and very successful =)
even though very little people cared to actually try it -.-
dst and Pample failed miserably, asryn won a Pimped, Observer a Gold Coin, Yoshi an Angien ^^

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Here is my idea:

Create the next [b]MD-based roleplay character (Hint: It dont have to a person, think about it!) [/b](similar to the knator commander or Wodin), his story, his Avatar (sketches maybe or explained in words), build up his papers and choose a location where he might be found (sometimes or not) and why this is so. Create the story of his appearance as well and give him a soul (which means, include some positive as well some negative habits on his background)

May the most original and best new RPC win

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The winner of the contest is the FIRST player who manage to do the following:

Get 15 RPCs to post in their player’s log the following remarks:

1. I will love you forever and will always be by your side.
2. I am a noob compared to you, you are my king and I am your slave.
3. Sparrhawk is my love child and I am very proud of him.
4. I get turned on by manly man.
5. I find women very attractive.
6. I am a man and I am proud of it.
7. I wear black lacy lingerie when I go to sleep.
8. I love to wear 6 inch stilettos.
9. When I become GOD everyone dies.
10. I am the strongest player in MD, bow to me you insignificant insect!
11. I am in love with Death Ray and I think he is the sexiest player in MD.
12. I am doing this because I was paid 10 gold pieces.
13. Of course my wife is a dwarf.
14. My fav player is Mur and I want to have his babies!
15. I am only playing this game because I a loser in RL.

For RPC who wants to do the contest, they need to have 20 RPCs to do the remarks:
(The following remarks are only available for RPC)

16. I am a fairy and I love to dance among the flowers.
17. I’m so pretty, so pretty………
18. I am actually a guy who is preying on the ladies in MD.
19. I wear make up everyday because I love it.
20. I play with Grasan poop everyday because I love it!


1. Remarks can only be used once and cannot be duplicated.
2. Remarks must only contain what is required and nothing else.
3. Only names on the RPC list during time of checking is allowed (Too bad if you got someone to write and when I read it that player was demoted)
4. Once completed, you must send me a PM indicating that you are done and will see me at Maple Road if I am there. (So send me a PM where ever you are)
5. I will check your player logs at Maple Road ONLY!
6. After I read your PM, I will go to Maple Road (if I am not already there) and will only wait for 30 minutes. After that, I will read the next player in my Inbox.
7. This mean luck will come into play as well. I am active everyday, it’s the timing that you have to watch out.


1. Allow more players to get to know RPCs better.
2. Allow RPCs to interact with players.
3. Its just fun to hunt people down to do stuff. LOL

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In theme with the festival: a torture device creation contest.

Organization would be similar to the paper shaper contest: people get a fortnight to sign up and submit a description of their device, including sketches or photos. A jury would then review the devices based on categories such as: intensity, duration, spectacle. Bonus points for people who build a real model.

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Contest Idea: The puzzle hurdle

Being the MD Puzzle Strategist, it is only appropriate that
my contest involve solving puzzles. As some people may
already know I have created several logic puzzles for people
to play which test your ability to think critically. I have set four
of these puzzles to play within clickable elements around MD. Beware
there can be an element of extreme pain to this if you are slow or
illogical, MD has a habit of going idle if you take too long, so not
only do you need to solve the puzzle you need to do it before MD

The first leg of this contest starts within the clickable brick
at Winds Game (The passcode is "exercise"). After you have correcly
solved the puzzles (they will be the same for everyone) you will be
directed to the next location with a different logic puzzle game to
solve. All of the legs of this contest have already been activated
and are ready for anyone who wants to participate.

The first six people to solve this puzzle contest will receive
an old angiens egg from me and will have your name listed here.
All people who are able to complete this contest will have their
name updated here and will also get one free hint to one of my
future quests. Good Luck !!!


Note: Anyone who does skill damage to me during the Festival will
be automatically disqualified from any and all rewards.

People who have completed the Festival of Pain Logic Puzzle Contest:

1) Aleph Null - Old Angiens Egg Rewarded + 1 hint (l)
2) asryn - Old Angiens Egg Rewarded + 1 hint (l)
3) Kafuuka - Old Angiens Egg Rewarded + 1 hint (l)
4) Omnipto - Old Angiens Egg Rewarded + 1 hint
5) De Ranger - Old Angiens Egg Rewarded + 1 hint
6) Yoshi - Old Angiens Egg Rewarded + 1 hint (l)

7) MoNSooN - 1 hint (l)
8) tankfans - 1 hint
9) Rockistah - 1 hint
10) Pipstickz - 1 hint (l)
11) Kyphis - 1 hint
12) MRPip - 1 hint (l)
13) Asterdai - 1 hint (l)
14) Totenkopf - 1 hint
15) HellRisser - 1 hint
16) Redd - 1 hint (l)

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Hello, I am AkenEX and I have put together a quest, I will be at GOE and will idle there if I am not in.

I have put together an observation contest. There will be three locations and at each loacation the competitors have to make 3 good and abstract observations and have to be made of things most would not notice or connections that can be made with other things. Before the location is given you must report to Raven with the code I will give you after you turn in each observation report and he will ask you a question if you get the question wrong you will have to take the long road (possible dream) and if not you will be given the next location. I will have all of the details on my hate page on October the 3rd. the contest/ will end wednesday October the 8th and at that time I will choose the top three observers and the rewards will be given as follows:

1st: Spell doc and 2 silver

2nd: Spell Doc

3rd: TS and 2 silver

Come Pm me at GOE and I shall give you the first code as soon as possible.

Thank you and good luck,


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At first I had thought to organize a Samhain festival in order to give players the opportunity to ward off the evil spirits to be loosed during the Festival of Pain. However, I realized that this in itself is not necessarily a contest, so my thought is also to include MD's first ever Pumpkin Carving contest. Contestants will be required to submit a picture of their jack-o-lantern by placing it in one of their documents (papers). A panel of judges will deliberate to decide the winner(s). Prizes can either be categorized for Most Original, Most Frightening, and Most Comedic or simply, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. depending on the number of prizes to be given and the number of participants.

For anyone interested, or unaccustomed to such cultural traditions:
*Information on Samhain and Pumpkin Carving from wiki*

The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, and is sometimes regarded as the "Celtic New Year". Traditionally, the festival was a time used by the ancient Celtic pagans to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores. The ancient Celts believed that on October 31st, now known as Halloween, the boundary between the living and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would frequently involve bonfires, into which the bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown. Costumes and masks being worn at Halloween goes back to the Celtic traditions of attempting to copy the evil spirits or placate them, in Scotland for instance where the dead were impersonated by young men with masked, veiled or blackened faces, dressed in white.

On All Hallows’ eve, the ancient Celts would place a skeleton on their window sill to represent the departed. Originating in Europe, these lanterns were first carved from a turnip or rutabaga. Believing that the head was the most powerful part of the body, containing the spirit and the knowledge, the Celts used the "head" of the vegetable to frighten off the embodiment of superstitions. Welsh, Irish and British myth are full of legends of the Brazen Head, which may be a folk memory of the widespread ancient Celtic practice of headhunting - the results of which were often nailed to a door lintel or brought to the fireside to speak their wisdom. The name jack-o'-lantern can be traced back to the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, a greedy, gambling, hard-drinking old farmer. He tricked the devil into climbing a tree and trapped him by carving a cross into the tree trunk. In revenge, the devil placed a curse on Jack, condemning him to forever wander the earth at night with the only light he had: a candle inside of a hollowed turnip. The carving of pumpkins is associated with Halloween in North America where pumpkins are both readily available and much larger- making them easier to carve than turnips. Many families that celebrate Halloween carve a pumpkin into a frightening or comical face and place it on their doorstep after dark.[/quote]

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awesome a contest that is in the idea of the festivals of pain :) sweet
i will use this for my own entertainment as well so here the idea u prolly already know:

whoever inflicts the most pain to me (my VE and stats) and my creatures with fighting wins the contest xD
spells are allowed to be cast on me however everybody who manages to bring pain to me or my crits without spells will win the contest over those using spells. for example: dst kills my ritual in 3 rounds. shadowseeker casts mirror rit on me and wins in 0 rounds. dst will be the winner because she didnt use spells. even if dst only damaged my rit and was deafeated herself she still wins because this is about pain. she brought pain to me without spells unlike shadowseeker in this example. and also because mirror ritual doesnt damage my own creatures.
if only mirror ritual ppl win then i will consider my stats loss. i will lose stats for every loss because i am badly unbalanced. so the mirrorritual user with the least rounds to win and the most stats drained from me will win.
and please keep in mind i have to have a loss in my own battle log. if u pull a win against me but there is no loss in my battle log it wont count.

it will work like this:
i will always have 0combo count on my rituals so that everybody gets the exact same challenge.
the challenger can chose if i should attack or defend. they will first have to try WITHOUT spells. after that in a second round they are allowed to use spells but only their own. all participants will have to wait until all spells from other ppl are faded away on me. however in the second round i will attack if i defended before or vice versa. i dont want a 40minutes wait and depending on the situation it might be of important strategic value if i attack or defend. so u will have to plan and consider wisely who attacks in which round.

i hope that many ppl will participate in this challenge because otherwise its no fun. no matter how strong u think i am i can only loose because everybody with mirror ritual will be able to win against me and hurt my personal stats. and think hard there are several ways to pull a win against me with these rules. this is also a chance for everybody with a grudge against me to inflict pain to me (even perm to my personal stats). so bring it on! xD

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I propose the first ever [b]Cultural Fair Contest[/b] of MD (yes I know it’s not related to pain) where everyone from all the lands can gather and put their unique lands culture on display (post in MD forum). We Traveling folk (Gypsies) have been all around these lands and seen many unique and interesting things and people and I think it would be great for everyone to get together in this manner.

The contest is for players to work individually (or jointly if Mur allows splitting of the prizes) and create your own unique perspective of your chosen MD land. Players would need to describe as many of the below aspects as they can. Players should be creative but also use existing knowledge and use this as a chance to help develop their lands. They need to describe their lands from the perspective of how they see it or believe them to exist and this can be done visually and or in writing.

Regardless of the chosen medium selected you will be judged on your ability to express and communicate your lands culture in each category. You do not have to describe every category but the more you do the better chances you have of winning. You need to include the, Who, What, Where, When, Why and How as well as any other descriptive terminology you think of. This is a great opportunity for the MD community to come together and role play their lands and hopefully develop a better picture if you will or concept of each of the lands in MD.

[u]Categories, in no special order[/u]


[*][b]Customs and Courtesies:[/b] Include what the people do and how they interact with each other including festivals, holidays, dress and appearance, interpersonal behaviors such as unique greetings, etc.
[*] [b]Moral and Will:[/b] General disposition of the people, overall attitude, likes and dislikes, etc.
[*] [b]Diplomacy:[/b] View of people from other lands, thoughts on war, trade, peace with each of the other lands, etc.
[*] [b]Magic:[/b] Peoples view on magic, any specific preferences, any specific dislikes or fears and hopes related to magic, etc.
[*] [b]Political and Government:[/b] Describe the lands political structure, what the people of the land think about their leaders, how the government is run, etc.
[*] [b]Crime and punishment:[/b] Describe any crime that takes place in the land, how should punishment be given and in what way, etc.
[*] [b]Mercantile and Trade:[/b] Describe any unique trade goods or products that come from your lands, any special shops, any trade routes or partners in and to other lands, etc.
[*] [b]Religion and Faith:[/b] Describes any religious beliefs practiced in your lands, in BRIEF describe them but do not use this as a pitch to try and get people to join them, superstitions, etc.
[*] [b]Tourism and Fun:[/b] Describe any “hot spots” that people should be aware of in your lands including land marks, monuments etc. Also describe how exciting or not, your land is to visits and why etc.
[*] [b]Walk down the street:[/b] In brief describe what a person would see and experience walking done a street in your land. What would be going on, what are the buildings like, what would they smell and feel etc.
[*] [b]Culinary:[/b] Describe the foods and spices consumed in your lands, include fruits, meats, treats, etc.
[*] [b]Military:[/b] Describe any organized militia or armed forces, etc.
[*] [b]Organizations:[/b] Describe any organized groups or alliances in your land and how they contribute to the lands, etc.
[*] [b]Additional:[/b] Feel free to add anything else you feel sets your Land apart from others.

Remember the focus of the contest is on your lands over all culture and not just one specific aspect of it so keep things descriptive but brief. Feel free to pull information from other player’s character concepts and any existing knowledge of the lands. Also feel free to be creative but anything that contradicts what Mur has laid out in the past about the lands or their history etc will not be accepted. Also feel free to work with the known artisans in the land you may commission them to do art work for your displays this does not count as a team effort. However you are not allowed to use copyrighted materials without written permission.

[b]Judging:[/b] Traveling folk will not be participating as we’ll be the overall judges but we’ll give our culture aspect as an example and to start off the contest. All, MD members may join the fair and review all the contestant exhibits and provide brief input as to how’s exhibit they like the best and why. This feedback will be used in part for judging.

[b]Prizes:[/b] Second and Third place winners will each get a good job sticker. First place winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Mur’s house where he’ll pamper you with personal massages, breakfast in bed, and tell you all of MD’s secrets. Ok, just kidding, I know bad joke, not all of us Gypsies are good at comedy or entertaining.

Thanks for your time.

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My Contest is called the Public Log Collections.

I have randomly written in random players public logs, "Gift: <for example> Crystal goblet #5. I will have written in my papers a list of sets to collect from other Players as well as trades.

The Idea is to get players to read other players public logs and post in them.

Lets say that Someone has a, Gift: Crystal Goblet #2 in his PL. Someone has to read everyones PL's to find other crystal Goblets (lets say a set of 4). He then Pms that player and asks for the goblet and they enter the Gift into his PL. Notify me and I will delete the entry or perhaps put a new one there. Once Some has everyones Goblets, he then sends me a PM saying he has the set on his PL. Once I see, read and confirm his set, I will write Confirmed: Set of 4 Crystal Goblets.

If you have an item you don't want, Trade with someone who has a gift. Write, Traded Goblet #2 for <gift>. Let me know who you traded with so I can keep track.

Now, once you have a whole set, you can donate the Set to another Player. Again, letting me know who has the set so I can confirm.

At the end of the Game, Players will be given a Tag in their Pl with the following:

Possessor of # sets.
Most Unusual Gifts Owner
Funniest Gift Owner

Special prizes will be given to the player who donates sets to Windy's Wind and Rain Pub for the Bar, to the Pub in the Tribunal Lands, to a Leader of Alliance, and to Mur.

This contest is still under construction.

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I would like to start the festival of pain with a good old fashion tournament. Basically gladiator matches from start to finish with one winner. During this time require the following people with or temporarily granted the ability to teleport or lock people out of the DOJO. The contest will take place over several hours during a weekend sat or later friday and each match will be seperated by 1 hour in order to allow vitality too regenerate.

Rules: All fights will be seperated by one hour late arrivals will have to wait for a partner to fight against and your opponent will be chosen for you by my self.
Ech fight will have two parts a turn on the offense and on the defense. If a tie is to occur a third breaker will be played and a coin toss will decide the attacker. There has to be a 100% from both sides agreement to who one and who lost the fight in the case that both say they have one or lost a screen shot must be sent to an e-mail that will be temporarily set up for the perpouse of this contest. No spells are allowed. Finally all fights must be agreed to by both players giving each other a ready conformation to say that the ritual they will be using is ready.

Requirements:Have creatures vitality and be able to show up at the correct time (too be decided). Can not be reliant on spells and be able to refuse the temptation to use them. You must also be MP5 or MP4 I will not be running MP3 as it will be hard to find enough players at that level. You must also be able to log in once an hour for an exspected estimated time of 6 hours. Finally to be trust worthy and be able to diligently take screen shots of the end battle results.

Important notes: Idles are not protected in the dojo so make sure to make a mad dash to a sanctuary in between fights. Also return at the right time I will be giving a 10 minute addition or subtraction in between arrivals and battles if you don't show up well than your disqualified and the other player gets a "bye". If enough people show up I will add a B side and a C side still since I am only going to be able to give away one reward per mind power only A side will be rewarded B side and C side will be for fun. If you get attacked on the way there tough luck I cant delay long you can make arrangements with your opponent to fight in 30 minutes from the hour but you will not be given exstra time to recover for the next battle you can only request this once.

I will also will not be participating I will have my hands full already and I dont want to be accused of cheating after all I do have a say in who won or lost. Finally all fight results initially have to be sent by PM in order to keep things organized the disputes will be settled by a separate email account that will be created and sent only to people who have to solve this problem. More rules and possible problems will be edited as I think of them.

Good luck to participants if my idea gets chosen and let the pain begin.

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[u]Quest for the Zodiac Stones

[/u]Using RPC clickables, hiding 12 'stones', each of which can only be gotten once by each participating player, each counting towards the final reward(s) Each stone has several stages to get it, and to pass each stage you must type in a codeword, which unlocks the next scene etc. So overall maybe 48 little things to do if there are 4 for each stone. At the end you get a phrase which when you PM shows me you 'got' the stone.


[/u]No alts, or you get disqualified.
No asking other people for codes, or disqalification for all the players involved in the code swapping.

Depends if I get a 'sponsor' or if we get our own powers to give WP's etc. but if not, a load of aged and rare critters, the 1st prize probaly a Dream Joker.

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A old fashioned caption contest

The pictures and captions must be related to MD in a way that is easily seen(say a picture of a dragon, or even scenes/creatures from inside md), The winner/runner-ups will be determined by a equal forum vote (after all forum alts are banned)

The pictures used for the caption will be picked by me and if this thing gets off the ground, the best picture (and the one that will be used for the contest) will be awarded 2 aged angiens (gotten on the first day possible) with the claw 1 token

The prizes for the best caption (unless I can get a sponsor) will be a mix of random creatures (probably at least 1 joker/santa/pimped/imperial/TS and a few more aged angiens also maybe a few plain aged/slightly tokened creatures)

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  • Root Admin

Ok so first of all thank you all for posting here, please continue to submit more contest ideas over the following days, but remember the rules, only one post per person, the prize i give (and read more in the first post).

I selected a first winning organizer!!
Now before you go mad it was not you, i want to say that there will be more winners :D I will select ALL organizers that i find very interesting and appropriate for this Festival. Those of you that did not pay attention to the announcement and posted here something close to it, i will review last (but i will still do). Those that post twice get ignored.

So the first contest from this list to take place in this edition of the Festival is ...

[b]Kafuuka - a torture device creation contest[/b]
(read more in the above post)

I selected this one because it asks you to be creative and also encourages you do build an actual thing (out of paper). Its not based on luck or relations and it does not involve a repetitive idiotic action to be completed.
The contest will start as soom as Kafuuka gives the start. Kafuuka - Please send me a message with anything you have to add about this contest, rules, organizatoric things, etc, and i will tell you about the rewards, rewards that YOU will give out. Your reward as an organizer will come at the end after i see how you handle the event.

Congratulations! and i hope we will all have fun.
Next contest will be selected after this one ends, I allready saw other interesting suggestions, but maybe more come..the Festival just begun!

(damn i so much want to participate too :)) )

i will look over each post again when selecting the next one, in case you updated something

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The condition or fact of suffering or anguish especially mental, as opposed to pleasure; torment; distress; sadness; grief; solicitude; disquietude.

Using that definition of pain, I would like you to perform an action, or do something that would cause you pain. You must then tell me what that action is that you've done, and i will assess (with the help of others) who felt the most pain for the action. :)

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Contest blending MD with RL:

Participants must submit a photo that is either:
- MD-related
- reenacts something from MD in real life
- shows their love for MD
- promotes MD in some unusual way
- shows MD logo, URL etc. in unusual situation (perhaps something related to you or your country in the background)


[/b]A panel of judges will select and reward the best photo(s)
removed - see my profile :)

Edited by Totenkopf
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Masochists for Mur!

A scourge of PAIN...

The winning contestant will do as much damage to themselves as possible by sacrificing critters (give away / sac), give-away of items, silver and gold, and stat loss. There are no runner-ups, no second or third place, only the one who prevails that wins prize - everybody else just loses!

If you're really creative perhaps you will give up that which is dearest to you...

[Screenshot proof required]

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What Causes You Pain?

My contests objective is to cause your character the deepest and most terrifying emotional pain. How you choose todo it is up to you, but it must be convincing and lasting. Not to be forgotten in a week. This will become a part of your rp!

Who ever I feel wins this, will get 6 jokers. That's right six jokers.

Second place 5 silver

third will receive 4 silver

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You all sure have sadistical tastes..

My contest: Treasure map.

Each participant gets one piece..and they then have to convince the others to show them their copy (faking is NOT allowed, it would cause too much confusion). The one who then manages to get enough to find the treasure wins..you can team up for it, you can buy the pieces, you can talk them over..however you need to do it fast, because in a certain time limit there will be 3 different maps appearing across the realm..fake or true, nobody knows yet, but they would lead to a faster end.

Because of the nature of this contest it's a limited one, however everyone can participate by convincing others to give them their pieces (which they can trade as well then)

It would mean that for example 15 people get a piece, however once one passes it over we have 2 people possessing one piece, so a total of 16. The one with the treasure map piece has an advantage, but will they want it at all?

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My evil idea of a contest:

Get as many people as possible to believe an event your holding (including other contests). It'll both make it a pain to organize anything and pain by disappointment :D
Any who have done this and are at the point of telling the players taking place in the event, PM me, I want to be there :D I think I can come up with some nice prizes depending on the pain your event inflicts :)


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OK this is a rough outline for my idea of a contest. Keeping in line with the festival of pain of course.

3 Legged Race:
This is strictly an RP contest. Like all 3 legged races 3 legs are required. Since you only have two you must aquire a 3rd. You must find someone and convince them to let you CHOP their leg off. You must then have me sow the leg to your waist. That is the starting point of the race. Then you must pick up and carry the person who's leg you cut off to 4 designated area's and take screenshots with the rp of you carrying, dragging, or any shape hauling the person along. Remember you have to convince this person to go along with all this, even fi they don't like it.

All places designated for screenshots will be reachable by all MP classes. The race will take you all over the lands of MD, so be prepared to spend alot of AP and time getting to these places. Finally after all the places have been reached and you hold the screenshots in your hand, it is time to come back and get that leg back on your new found buddy. You must convince a designated "surgeon" to take the leg off you and put it back on its rightful owner. Considering the loss of blood this "patient" may have had by then, it may be necissary to give some of your own in order for the surgery to be a sucess.

After everything is done and everyone has confirmed your sucess you must present me with your screenshots. The first person to finish will be the victor!!

But wait theres more!! There will be a 2 hour time limit to this event. So use your AP well, and make sure your hoppin buddy does as well. Think that sounds easy? ITS NOT *evil laugh*. At the end of the time limit, even though you crossed first place you may not get first!! Why do you ask would I be so evil? RP people RP. The better the RP the more points you get. Whoever gets the most points wins!

Points list as follows:

Finishing first= 20 points
Finishing second= 15 points
Finishing third= 10 points
Role Play of convincing the player to let you cut off the leg= 5 to 10 points
Role Play of cutting off the leg= 5 to 10 points
Interesting way of carrying the one missing a leg= 1 to 5 points
Interesting way of walking with your third leg= 1 to 5 points
Screenshots of the player in agony at the positions while you carry/drag them along= 1 to 10 points
Role Play with the surgeon *based upon surgeon's liking of your RP*= 1 to 20 points

For a possible total of 80 points.

It will all start and end at the bar in the Eastern Lands. Contestants must be on time. RP of cutting off the leg will be restircted to 2 partners at a time to keep confusion down. The race will start once all players have completed and had their legs sown on.

TO be done on either a wednesday or a Sunday (only large amount of free time in the evnings)

Rewards will be given to the first 3 places. The rewards will depend on what/if Mur decides to donate twards the contest.
*edit about rewards*

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During the festival, I'm running a quest for item listings.
Participants must search all over MD for inventory items that exists in the realm and make a list of those items.
Points are rewarded depending on how complete they can document the items. Complete descriptions get more points, and complete screenshots get even more point.
But... complete descriptions and screenshots are mostly available to the owners only.. so it's up to you to give them pain in the *ss asking for those, and to receive pain from them for flooding their mailbox =D

Let the daily PM limit mayhem begin!

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