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Md Beer In Bucharest


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As the topic says, some of us in Bucharest are meeting for a beer on 17th of October (Saturday) at [b]4:00PM[/b] in front of TNB at the Universitate metro station. There will be live quests (such as bringing random atendees beer), various wonderful creatures (around), and an overall good fun!
Trust us, we're from TEH INTERWEBS! :)

Confirmed atendees:

1. Totenkopf
2. Indyra Sirenias
3. Assurancetourix
4. dst
5. Emerald Arcanix ? - Timisoara-based, may get here through the miracles of railroads.
6. Rhah de la Rey
7. [b]Mur & Akasha[/b] - that should make you change your mind if you weren't planning on coming :))
8. GgSeverin ? - will confirm a day before
9. Valy? - Mur trying to convince him
10. 2 secret players? - dst will bring secrets! and cookies hopefully!
11. YOU?

In case you cannot find us, give me a call at +40-728-109665 - Vadim

Please reply here or send me a PM if you want to join us.
For would-be foreign attendees or other locations having beer at the same time, i can organize and ad-hoc conference call with toll free numbers in most European countries and the US.

Update 1 - added Mur and Akasha, changed to 4PM so dst can stay longer :))
Update 2 - added GgSeverin

Edit: changed topic title on request, S.

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Sice you have a new body you can sell parts of it. No need for a loan shark. And...I think about 1000Euro...more or less..

LE: You can say you're "drunk" from the medication :)

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[quote name='cryxus' date='08 October 2009 - 01:51 PM' timestamp='1255009909' post='44026']
I got 3 questions: 1)How much does a ticket to romania cost from Florida... (2) where can I find a loan shark? and (3) do they let drunk people fly?

1) about 400 euro( no returning trip)
2) what do you have to sell*grinds*
3) they let you fly drunk ...more important is how will you land :)

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I would recommend these places> [url="http://www.sapteseri.ro/ro/detalii-loc/curtea-berarilor-b/bucuresti/"]Curtea Berarilor[/url] and [url="http://www.sapteseri.ro/ro/detalii-loc/oktoberfest-pub-b/bucuresti/"]Oktoberfest[/url]. They`re located quite close to TNB (10 minutes on foot, if you don`t hurry - and there`s plenty of space, especially at 4-5 p.m.)

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[quote name='de la Rey' date='09 October 2009 - 12:37 AM' timestamp='1255037820' post='44088']
I would recommend these places> [url="http://www.sapteseri.ro/ro/detalii-loc/curtea-berarilor-b/bucuresti/"]Curtea Berarilor[/url] and [url="http://www.sapteseri.ro/ro/detalii-loc/oktoberfest-pub-b/bucuresti/"]Oktoberfest[/url]. They`re located quite close to TNB (10 minutes on foot, if you don`t hurry - and there`s plenty of space, especially at 4-5 p.m.)

sounds good, i've been to Curtea Berarilor a few times and it's a good place, although the draft beer there tends to give me heartburn. the other one i haven't seen so far...if it's nice outside maybe we can head to one of the places in oldtown or up on TNB at la motoare.

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  • Root Admin

We should say we have free cookies and we will disclose terrible secrets to those that come .. you will see there will be more then :))))))

We were already called the "Romanian Mafia" so this is obviously a meeting of this mafia, join, we give ranks for free !: )))

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I am most positive that Mur meant ranks within the mafia.
We would have then ''hitman of all beers'', ''dame fatale for sarmale*'', ''foreign romanian consigliere'' and so forth and so on.

[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarma_(food)"]*sarmale (sar-mäle)[/url]

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='09 October 2009 - 04:22 PM' timestamp='1255094521' post='44148']
I am attempting to lure Valy into comming by using Totenkopfs picture on the personal docs :()))
He will kill me when he will find out the pic belongs to a guy :D

so you can count him 50% in...


loool i can get more pics if needed :(
i actually had an erotic massage place on Dorobanti until a couple of months back (closed it down due to too few customers and rented out the apartment), so no problem finding models :)

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[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='11 October 2009 - 02:01 AM' timestamp='1255215703' post='44327']
Move to Canada... Lol
lol i actually had a team leader that was reporting to me move to Canada (Vancouver) and that was one of the worst things she ever did - she used to have a very decent salary for romania (~2,000 EUR/month), owned an apartment and a car - she sold both when moving to canada, now she's renting and getting pretty much the same amount of money on a lesser (i.e. non-management, actual work :))) position, she got pneumonia during her first winter there, and worst of all it seems the clubs are completely crap over there compared to bucharest :P

[quote name='SageWoman' date='11 October 2009 - 07:15 AM' timestamp='1255234512' post='44364']
Got transportation spell? I am like THERE. Ok, Ok, FINE. I will DREAM myself there and sit on Totenkophs lap. Um...who's buying? :P
hmmm...ladies DREAMING of sitting on my lap? Beam her up Mr. Sulu! :))

actually as i mentioned in the initial post, if anyone from abroad's having a drink at the same time and wants to say "cheers!" to us or something, just send me a text on +40 722 451 301 and i'll open my conference call line for you (we have toll-free numbers for US and most of Europe) and put you on speaker - see call-in details below:

Participant code= 73 820 [/b]
Country Number
Hungary – TOLL number +36 1 330 8666
Romania – TOLL number +40 21 3043666 (L) +40 372 103666 (M)
United States (AT&T) – toll free 1 800 986 5281
United States (Sprint) – toll free 1 800 975 6002
United States (MCI) – toll free 1 866 419 6201
United Kingdom (C&W) – toll free 0 800 0515 932
United Kingdom (BT) – toll free 0 808 2341 253
Ireland – toll free 1 800 655 059
Germany – toll free 0 800 1 808 310
Belgium – toll free 0 800 768 06
The Netherlands – toll free 0 800 0226 413
France – toll free 0 800 900 343
Italy – toll free 800 873 161
Spain – toll free 900 993 640
Switzerland – toll free 0 800 561263

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