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Kingship Of Loreroot


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I was a king once, in another world, a long, long time ago. It did not end well. While some would like to see me as King of Loreroot, I have no wish whatsoever to be. Since that is the case, I would like to discuss those who have announced their candidacy.

[u][b]Firsanthalas:[/b][/u] The leader of the Guardians of the Root alliance, Firsanthalas is one of the most senior (by age, as MagicDuel reckons it) citizens of Loreroot. While he is fallible, as is any other human being, I find him to be easygoing in general, careful in his actions more often than not, patient, and fair. I pledged my support to him privately, and now declare it publicly: in my opinion, he is the rightful king of Loreroot if anyone is.

[u][b]Princ Rhaegar:[/b][/u] The leader of the Savelite Church, Princ Rhaegar is a personal friend of mine and a trusted ally. While I cannot pledge my support to him and Firsanthalas both, I would not be disappointed to see him on the throne of Loreroot. I do think, however, that his relative youth in Loreroot is a concern for some.

[u][b]Gremlin:[/b][/u] A member of my own alliance, Gremlin seems disappointed that he does not have my support in his bid for the monarchy. I think he means well but is unproven as a leader; I have heard much rhetoric from him but seen little action. I am particularly disappointed that he chose to announce his candidacy without having consulted any Lorerootian in a position of authority. Given that he faces two proven leaders in the election, I do not see how he can hope to prevail.

[u][b]Kamisha:[/b][/u] This relative unknown hurls invective freely but shows little capacity to effect change for better or worse. He insists his candidacy is sincere, but it is easy to see why others think it a joke. Words alone do not make a king, and while his words have engendered much ill will against him, they seem to have cultivated few friends, if any. He would seem to be this election's counterpart to Ledah in the Necrovion election.

These are my opinions. Please post your own. If you are a candidate, mentioned here or not, you may find it to your advantage to discuss your strengths and plans in this thread.

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Ok here is my opinion
If you deem it worthy enough to be read :D

Firs is a persional friend of mine as you all know so yes i am a bit biast in this matter
but i will do my best to show my argument in as best a light as i can.

I would agree the the 2 top players int he list about are at this point the best choices for
king/archon/whatever the title is to be. But i will say that my first choic would be for Firs.

This is NOT because we are RL friends. This is because in every way Firs looks at his choices and
meassures the situation carefully. He also has great care for the land and its people. I have not
heard of anyone saying he is unfair or unjust in any of his actions. From what i have seen and what
i have heard Firs listens to the people of LR and makes a judgment based on the information at hand.
I also beleve Firs has created good allais between all land and comunicats well.

Princ Rhaegar, Although we have had our diffrences, I do agree he could be a good king but just not yet
I beleve he needs to cool down a little as Princ can be a bit abrasive at time and has in the past ticked
off people for whatever reasion at the time. I also beleve that since Princ cannot letgo of some things in
the past this is cause for worry. But other wise is a good player.

Sorry but i know very little of the other 2 players to make a comment on them.

Thanks for your time Yrth

I know i have made my mistakes and that much of what i say may be ignored.
But please dont use this section to flame me as this is about LR Kingship.

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There has been some talk of public debate. I just want to say I won't engage in a debate of such kind. Not because I fear it or have something to hide, but because in my opinion they don't work. They ramble on for hours and when you have lots of candidates and an audience its impossible to really get through it. I believe that there are perhaps another 2 people that have put themselves forward, so the number of candidates may be closer to 6 in number. In the real world you can have a debate for an hour or whatever and get though quite a lot, but I feel this doesn't hold through in MD and debates tend to only involve 2 or 3 candidates. Also candidates in RL tend to be living in the same timezones and on a similar pattern (i.e. engaged in polling for votes etc)
I will however, answer any questions anyone has at any time. In person, by PM or whatever.

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Here is my opinion on the candidacy for Loreroot.

Having stayed in Loreroot almost all my life, I've known the three alliance leaders of Loreroot, and I would say that they are the best candidates for kingship.All three of them, Tarquinus, Firsanthalas, and Princ Rhaegar has shown that they have leadership qualities and managed to run their alliance well.

When it comes to choosing between them, my first choice would be Tarquinus, as he has the longest experience in leading an alliance, and one of the earliest members of Loreroot's old high council. Alas, he has stated that he doesn't want to be a king, and I will honor his decision.

Firsanthalas is the second most experienced in leadership. He has been part of the high council for quite a long time, and has served as the leader of the GotR for quite a while now. He has shown qualities of a good leader and loves the land very much, and he would be the one I vote for.

Princ Rhaegar has shown great accomplishment in leading the Savelites that once went through troubled times, back to a shining day. Like Tarquinus, I cannot vote for two people at the same time, but if he becomes the king, he would have my full support and approval.

Gremlin, I have known for a while since my days back in the GotR. I know that he loves the land, and I do not doubt his intentions. However, he is relatively young compared to the previous candidates, and hasn't had much chace to prove his abilities in terms of leadership in MD. While I would like to see him grow, I would rather vote for someone with visible experience for an important matter such as this.

Kamisha, I haven't been convinced of his/her love for Loreroot, and his plans for the future of Loreroot does not really ring right to me. While I won't ridicule his/her effort to run for candidacy, I do not see myself voting for this one.

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I suppose I should post my proposal/application here for all to see. I know it will go up for voting, but I guess this will give people a little more time to see it and quiz me on it too.

Application for King of Loreroot .Firsanthalas. ID: 28728 Days: 551

[b]Concerning rulership:[/b]

• Title of king to be changed to that of ‘Speaker for the Forest’.
• As Speaker, I would pledge to work in consultation with the other groups within Loreroot and agree to listen to and respect their ideas, views and concerns. To facilitate this, I would instate a court. This court would consist of the leaders of the Savelites, COE, Creators and any other alliance/guild that would be residents of Loreroot. The Second of the Guardians would also be entitled to attend to ensure that the Guardians’ interests where adhered to and that the King was in no way overstepping his mark.
Should a sizable body of citizens that are not within an alliance or guild be evident, then these would be treated as a guild of sorts, in that they would be allowed a representative at court.
• While the Speaker would have the final say in matters, listening to and accepting the views of the others concerned would be important. Indeed, should the other groups be unhappy with his decisions it would be incumbent on them to question the ability of the Speaker to continue in his post.

[b]Concerning aims:[/b]
• As Speaker I would strive to improve Loreroot for all parties concerned. Therefore I would try to develop Loreroot in general, but also seek to improve things for the Savelites, COE and the Creators in particular. To develop and expand on the knowledge and feel of what Loreroot is, what it feels to be a Lorerootian and what makes Loreroot different from other lands.
• To promote a greater sense of community and belonging in the land of Loreroot, while at the same time acknowledging and promoting the diversity within it.

• I believe that I have the support of most of my peers and many beyond the borders of Loreroot. I have been constant in my allegiance to Loreroot for a very long time.
• Since becoming leader of the Guardians I have worked to rebuild the alliance. I have put a definitive structure in place and tried to make the goings on more transparent and open for all to see. I have tried to create more of a feel and idea for the Guardians. I would like to think that I have also worked with and helped the members of the alliance to grow and mature in the alliance and MD as a whole.
• I’ve worked to improve relations with the other groups in Loreroot and bring stability. I believe I have shown that I am patient and willing to listen to others. My plan has been to develop slowly and carefully so that they can flow into things and reduce any risk of disturbance to others and therefore create something that can last.
• I have requested and worked on items for Loreroot already, such as the clickables. Hopefully the position would help do more in the future and use things like clickables to develop quests and activities to provide some fun and challenges for people.

I won’t be so clichéd as to say that I want to make Loreroot the best or most powerful land. What I would like to do is to add to and create a sense of a land and its uniqueness from the others. And to do this with the aid and co-operation of the other people involved and passionate about the land too.
While some of my points may not go into detail, it is precisely because I wish to discuss things with others before implementing ideas and policies arbitrarily. I feel it would be wrong to have firm ideas and plans about things without consulting the members of the Court.

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Even though many may not know it, i spend most time in LR, as i have always done. I am quite familiar with its inhabitants, and, from the given list, i must say i cannot decide. I support Firsanthalas as a wise leader, one that has proven his strengths over time, but i also support Gremlin, as a friend of mine. I am now going to contradict myself, saying that Grem has less activity days then me, and yes, i support him. Because he has had an active implication in most LR matters and knows most lorerootians well. he is also a CoE.

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first Tarquinus, I started playing actively in January, joined the Savelites Church as mp3 in February, and devoted this whole time to the Church and Loreroot, so if this 10 months makes me young in Loreroot, very well then

yes Yrthilian, I don't forget invading Loreroot lands for such idiotic excuses made public, and I never will, not like some, now I am for peaceful co-existance, but I will not forget
my temper lead me towards where I am, if there weren't for my willingness and, if I may call it, patriotism, I wouldn't get here

I think, no, I know(!) that Loreroot NEEDS someone like me, fresh blood, to make important steps IMMEDIATLY
now I like your ideas of long term Loreroot, but there are too many factions here Firsanthalas, they need to be grouped ASAP

I already stated my desires and plans (short summary anyway) in my post when applying and few added things in my document sent to Mur, they're written simple, so the point is understood

edit: objective is to raise culture of Loreroot, powerful kingdom independent of all outer influences, and as I stated in the doc sent to Mur, I have no desire for expansions, and I will not participate in any wars of conquest unless our forest is threatened

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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Though he is not applying for kingship, he has the persona and the voice of a king and thus would be my first choice were he to apply. It is sad in a way, but I understand and respect his reasons for not doing so.

I believe Firsanthalas has a set plan in mind for Loreroot and deeply cares about the land and those who claim the land as 'home'. I do think he would be a fair and honest king, I have read over his plan and agree with how he wishes to shape Loreroot, as well as how he wishes to create a sort of 'court' system so every person within Loreroot can be heard. It is very similar to what we tried to do with the council, but there are some definite changes.

[*][b]Princ Rhaegar [/b]
Rhaegar has always been a part of Loreroot and wishes for Loreroot to keep to its old tradition of having a council. I know he cares about the land and it's inhabitants and believe that he would also be a good choice for king. He can be a bit harsh sometimes, but in truth- I only see that as interesting. I deeply respect the way he took charge and shaped the Savelite alliance into what it was meant and supposed to be.
There is now a strong Savelite order in Loreroot thanks to the efforts Zleiphneir, Grido, and Rhaegar.

Gremlin is a very strong spirited and passionate individual, I believe that he does want the chance to prove himself and the chance to lead and be known. But this is a very large milestone. I wish him luck.

Again, another very passionate individual who wishes for a chance to prove themselves. She is an experienced player, a very old player but she would not be my first choice for king/queenship. I wish her luck as well.

I saw in the Defensive Quarters that Kamisha seemed to be genuine about becoming Loreroot's king. But this is a very large step from burning trees and threatening the lonely tree near the Howling Gates. Even if this one does not make it as king, I hope he or she has a chance to prove that they are sincere about caring for the Lorerootian lands.

(Edit: >.< Forgot to comment on one of the players.)

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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