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Who Is Right?


Who is ALWAYS right?  

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The purpose of argument is to convince Grido that dst is always right :D

LHOs! Don't let yourselves be threaten by the guy who rules over you! Don't be brainwashed! Think for yourselves like I know you can! Think and vote DST!

Heh...Grido...if you have proof then bring it on!

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proof? here you go :P

dst: i'm evil
dst: I never roleplay
dst: c'mon Z! be a sweety :D
dst: for me *batteling eyelashes and puppy eyes*


If the purpose of an argument is to change the nature of truth, and you're saying that the purpose of argument is to convince me that you're always right....then the nature of truth would be that you're not always right, and visa-ve I am :D

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While I am tempted to agree with women more, dst said that women are always right... and well... have you ever seen a women drive? now that's just wrong, plus she contradicts herself a lot (just like a woman :P)... so I can't vote for her.

And Grido... everyone knows men are always at least a little flawed, we're dirty, foul mouthed, sexist (at least the good ones), drunkards (refer to previous comment) that rely on women to make us whole (refer to the comment about the good ones yet again)... that's what makes us awesome... so my vote goes to me for simply stating the truth.

:D nyah!


p.s. if you took offense to anything i said, you could write me a detailed letter, put it in a nice envelope, put some nice perfume on it, seal it with a kiss and stick it in the trash cause im not gonna read it anyway.

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