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Editing Questpage Error


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[quote][2009-10-20 22:21:15 - Alpha 9]
Q doc, the shiny gold document that indicates the player has an official quest up, together with the ability to advertise that quest on the main quest page, can now be achieved at the document dispatcher in the archives, same place you get all your other docs. The requirements however are high. Only players that rewarded at least 5 wishpoints to others can get it. Wishpoints can be rewarded by activating WP codes. WP codes you can get as reward for interesting quests you do (or trading).[/quote]

I assume it has to do with this.

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Not necessarily. You had the quest page before, then Mur made different requirements for it, requirements you don't meet, and so you don't have the quest page now. Maybe Mur intended this, maybe not, but I suppose we'll find out ;)

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