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K Document Report Error


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Hey, all. I'm new to the world, so I may be the one in error, here, But I don't think so.

I've just reached Chapter II and have just begun really exploring the world. I've had a good time clicking through the different pages of people's profiles. So I decided to look at my own. I clicked the little icon for my K Document. In the middle of the page is a line that says "Edit your K Document here" with the here hyperlinked. I had no idea what that meant, so I clicked the link. My screen was then grayed and I was hit with this at the top:
[quote]Action reported, you do not have access to this document. If you feel it is an error please report on the bug section. #rpcdoc22 #:12[/quote]

So, here I am reporting what I think is a bug. If it's not a bug, then why is there a link in the middle of a page accessible by a newbie that gets them reported for illegal actions? That would seem counterproductive and spiteful, so I believe it must be a bug.

If this is all my fault, please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

My char is Dienekes: 175564.

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The K documents are created by people who could afford 4 wishpoints to create it. Only a handful of people have actually K docs filled with documents. To get access to them you need the code to apply it and be able to read them, create your own documents etc.

Each of us has his personal K doc (we see them when we click our names), but unless you used 4 wishpoints to activate it then you can not use it.

I hope this made sence to you.

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Hello there. I have recently discovered MagicDuel and I am really enjoying the ideas and implementations in this game. I clicked on my own username in the "players here" list at the Gazebo, and I noticed I had a little flag with a K on it in the information that popped up. I clicked on the K and saw a description about Knowledge documents and combining them with other players. There was a link in that pop-up to view my own knowledge document, so I clicked it. This gave an error that I could not access that document, with error code #rpcdoc22 #:12. Also, this error was in the pop-up so I could not get back to accessing the main game screen without refreshing the entire MagicDuel window. I am using the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox, and my MagicDuel username is the same as my forum username. If you need any other information from me, please let me know. Thank you for all your work and MagicDuel, and I look forward to seeing more of the game as time goes on!

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The K-docs are bugged, Awii reported it ages ago, they are still waiting to be fixed...
Unfortuantely the issue seems to be not very high on Mur's list due to the little number of players that actually write in those documents (your own are invisible unless you are in a K-group, which you'd need to get invited to, or create your own for the... 4th? Wishpoint in the Wishshop)#

[color="#FF8C00"]Hm, my bad, i thought they went to wishshop with 3 requirement and 1 cost...

[quote][2009-07-29 23:42:42 - Alpha 9]
To adapt to the depth structure of the wish shop, the K doc price changed from 4 wp to 1 wp with requirement of spending 3 other wp before. Players that purchased a K doc before will be given back 3 wp.[/quote][/color]

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