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Creatures & Health & Logoff Problem...?


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Uh, look, I have been stuck for a long time now. I know this game needs patience, but its testing me to my limit. Why?
When I log off, it says that I wont be attacked. But guess what? When I log on I find all my creatures dead or nearly dead! So, I have to use all my AP and Health points just to heal them up again. Guess what? I CANT DO ANYTHING AFTER THAT!

So I have to log off and wait for my vitality and AP to build up again. But guess what? I log back in and... tada! My creatures are dead again.

I'm not enjoying this game much. As you can probably imagine. Oh, and before you ask, no I don't click "idle."

Listen, I know I am a noob and I don't really command much respect for all you higher lot, and maybe I say a lot of twaddlespeak, but at least give a noob a chance to progress in the game, eh?

Signed:~ Sir Wolfmist Pendragon

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Fenth's Press, and Berzerkers Challenge are both sanctuaries and the only way to be attacked there is when you have 7 or more heads on you. Has this just started occuring since the heads contest started or the whole time you have been playing?

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Well, I have only just noticed it happening now that some of the creatures are starting to level up and have more health to lose. And DST, when you said almost 0, I'd like to know what the exceptions are!

Also, when offline, specifically [u]OFFLINE[/u] the notices says that NO-ONE can attack. Ever. Period.

And yet I come online and find my creatures Dead or severely weakened. And Battle reports? What battle reports? That button is always blank unless I have attacked someone else. Not the other way around.


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Exactly what phantasm said: you cannot be attacked in sanctuaries unless you have at least 7 heads.

As for your "problem" I suggest you do this: stay in a sanctuary. Heal your crits. Log off. Come back later. Check your crits. Report here if they are dead or weaken.
Oh one last thing: one click on the health bar of the crits will not heal them entirely but just a percent.

And as a conclusion:there is no way to be attacked while offline. There are no glitches, bugs etc that make your crits lose ve by themselves. So you have to test it o your own how it happens. We cannot help you more then telling you few things.

ps:I would appreciate if you would lose the aggressive tone

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  • Root Admin

Suggestions how to avoid:

Log out in areas with little or no people

Log out in a Sanctuary (with 6 or less heads during the head contest)

have a "dummy" ritual up, including just one creature (with more than 301 vitality) so that when you get attacked you only lose one creature, Have a couple of these dummy rits up

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ok ok.. lets just give the new guy some hints and leave it at that... am sure he will use lighter tone next time.

like chewett said use those dummy ritual.. set a single creature with more than 301 vit as your defence ritual. so when you get attacked only that creature dies. This is a really useful thing.

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[quote name='Wolfmist' date='31 October 2009 - 07:54 PM' timestamp='1257018872' post='46231']
OK ok, I admit, I was frustrated but that's no reason to be abrupt as I was. I apologise and I will be more politer next time. Thanks for your advice, I will try to follow it.

But seriously, the problem is really getting out of hand. Every head contest I've encountered/entered had at least 1 person abusing this glitch. I've tried reporting it, screenshooting it, naming offenders who have abused this glitch and possibly gathered evidence along with many others noting this but you want to know the end result? Nothing. Nothing has been done, not one single thing to address this issue. The mails I receive back always tell me that the person would be dealt with (which in this case is a lie as they always get away with it) and that the bug will be fixed but it never is and I don't think ever will be.

I know that Mur has many things to do, many events to hold, many battles/creatures to tweak to make our experience much more enjoyable in this realm, but honestly, when you log out in a safe place (a remote place away from civilization) and come back 10 minutes later just to find that some b@stard has stolen your hard earned 300 heads and your creatures beaten beyond death while you were offline, it's just not cool, it's not fun.

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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So deal with it. Log off in places where you know you cannot be attacked (there are a few). This glitch fals into the category:"we want to be able to create rits without having to open the attack page". Every single HC only the new players are complaining. HC IS unfair.
Maybe, in time this glitch will be fixed. Maybe not. Until that I will close a lot of topics on this subject.

To resume:may I close this topic?

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