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Cheating At Quests


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First off: I'm not completely "clean" myself. I google riddles occasionally, if they show up literally, why should I put effort into solving them if the quest creator copy pasted them directly?

Now, doing burns' quest I came across REMOVED(SPOILERS!) Yahoo! Answer account... And most (if not all, from quests I did not participate in) of those "questions" are riddles in MD quests. I'm pretty certain MB for one writes his own, most of burns' didn't show up on google (he translated them). The question is of course, should we allow this way of "solving a quest"? Because IMO, this is, spoiling the quest (and cheating at it).

Spoiling quests or posting puzzle solutions / walkthrous on the forum is not allowed. You can help individual players but don't hand them the solution, just give them all the clues they need and let them figure it out..you can even give them more cluse than they need , just do not make it a boring click to advance type of game by spoiling it. Posting story spoilers / story structure / walkthrous on the forum or anywhere else will get you a warning, refusing to delete them will have your account permanently closed.[/quote]

Does not quite cover this, but I believe something should be added and that the common sense should be there for people not to put ALL quest riddles they do not know somewhere for others to answer for them.

I do not know who the account in question belongs to, I'm curious why through.


PS: MB, if I could have a new riddle? I don't feel it fair to send in the solution to this one.

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While posting a walkthrough is worse than people sending answers to only a single person, the situation is similar: it is next to impossible to stop them. Sometimes people send me pm within minutes after my name is put up as one of the people who solved a quest, asking me to give them the solutions. Perhaps in the future I shall list the names and others will do the same, but that is about all I can think off.

As for originality: the entrance riddle for my old quest is actually unoriginal. It wasn't supposed to be hard (nor is any part of the quest, it is tagged as easy and fun), I needed an excuse for people to pm me. Somehow it is the part where most people got stuck upon and also what resulted in the most surprising answers. I think I've heard about all elemental metals, as well as some alloys and 'Metal Bunny'. Luckily almost nobody got stuck on my own creations.

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wow are people that jobless to do stuff like that O_O

edit to observer: what i was saying was.. people who ask answers on yahoo answers suck.. so what i wrote on top is like insulting the person who made that account.
you can delete this post if u want.. i learnt a long time back.. its quality not the quantity of the posts.

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Uhhh... Death Ring, could you argument that statement? Because as far as I can see... The 2 are completely unrelated and this is just a spam post in an attempt to get your post count up.

And MB, I've sent you (or am about to, right after this post, copied link) a link to a riddle (one that used to be in burns' quest), however, it seems your riddle/question has been removed as well as several others. It seems that whoever did this shows no remorse at all, changing the name to my username? C'mon, after CHEATING at several quests your now trying to shift the blame because now everyone will be watching yahoo answers? At least most people know they've actually EARNED their WP's.

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