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So Long, Folks

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MD was a wonderful adventure with wonderful people.
Thanks to everyone whom I enjoyed time with -- you know who you are; I won't forget the good times.
Thanks to the people who invested time in it, made it what it is, keep it running...
Thanks Mur! Keep up the good work.

But my time here is done. Take good care, everyone.

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Tzaroth... Tzaroth... *rummages in the depths of his memories*

Aahh, i remember... you had no crits for a very long time, and then you started beating me up with a token BP-rit XD
(yes, i actually associated people with their defences, this is no joke)

You did some pretty cool things, too bad you're leaving... but i bet you have some good reasons, you seemed pretty dedicated ot MD back then when Peace died...

Hopefully you'll come back some time =)

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