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Bug Testers And Game Mechanics

I am Bored

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[quote name='I am Bored' date='26 November 2009 - 08:56 AM' timestamp='1259189814' post='48477']
Who would be consider bug testers and game mechanics? i think a list should be established so bugs discovered by newer players can get reported to the right people.
You can find out who the head of that department is if you read the Announcements.

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I consider myself a (small time) bugtester, so if you cant think of anyone else to send it to, send it to me.
If it's regarding MD Script issues, contact Rendril.
Can't think who the official big testers are atm, or if there are any.

No idea what the definition of each would be Bored, or who ''qualifies'' for each group.

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  • Root Admin

There are no offical Bugtesters or people whome you can report them to.

If you report a bug to someone you should trust them enought so you know they wont abuse it and will work out the problem or pass it on

The best idea if unsure if to email Mur.

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