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Official Announcement Of Necrovion Citizenship

Malaikat Maut

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By royal decree of Queen Peace, ruler of the Necrovion Desert:

All persons seeking citizenship herein are hereby required to relinquish such information as noted upon this scroll. Please prepare it into a form which is to be submitted via private message (in game or here in the forum) or posted publicly here within the hall of records (this thread).

As citizens, you will be held to the highest standards of loyalty and dedication to the land of Necrovion, the Shades, and Queen Peace. As you profess and prove your commitment to these cornerstones, you will be blessed by all manner of knowledge and aid that are readily available within the lands you serve.

Required Information:
Name –
Player ID –
Title/Tag –
Role – (A brief description please)
Interests – (Necrovion Lore, Shades, Black Water, Liquid Dust, Creatures, Battle, etc.)
Petition – (Reason(s) you wish to be considered for citizenship)

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Name: – Lazarus
Player ID: – 160779
Title/Tag: – The Unholy
Role: – A warrior struggled to find wisdom, but got devoured and blinded by darkness within his heart and his own true nature (story still being worked out).
Interests: – The General Necrovion, Power.
Petition: – He found his home in the dark lands, serving it with all his life and loyalty.

Edited by King Lazarus
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Name – Malaikat Maut
Player ID – 164331
Title/Tag – The Fallen (unoffically)
Role – A fallen angel of death seeking peace and purpose in mortality.
Interests – All manner of knowledge and lore appeals to me, but I shall focus on metaphysics primarily.
Petition – I feel a personal affinity to the desert, as I do to Peace. My past, present, and future are all represented therein. It is harsh and unforgiving as I once was. A taker of life and bringer of death. However, it holds mystery and knowledge just as I have found in my new existence: mortality. Finally, it most closely resembles what I expect in my next life. My final and eternal condemnation.

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Name - Shardon
Player ID- 83165
Title/Tag - Master of Colors(unofficial)
Role- Aide to Queen Peace, and a powerful wizard in his previous life. Here to explore the realm, solve some of it's mysteries(hopefully), study the various creatures and magicks here, and aid others as he can.
Interests- I'm interested in all manner of things, but the creatures, people(characters), and magic especially. I like quests and puzzles/riddles but I'm not terribly good at solving the latter in a timely fashion.
Petition - I come to the land because it is one of the most mysterious, and because I have pledged myself to help Peace. I intend to wander all the realm, but I will align myself with Necrovion for political purposes or otherwise because that is the land my Queen rules over.

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Name - Shantu
Player ID – 7853
Title/Tag – The Tormentor (unofficial)
Role – A being of pain who lost his power and seeks it in Necrovion
Interests – Necrovion Lore, Shades, Power, Knowledge, Pain
Petition – I serve the land and shall never betray it. This is the land I feel to be my home.

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[b]Name[/b] – Maximiljen de la Rey - ''Rhah''
[b]Player ID[/b] – (to be added)
[b]Title/Tag[/b] – Feydakeen al-Haqma (unofficial)

[b]Role[/b] – A not so long time ago, Rhah gave up his [url="http://maxdelarey.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-story.html"]life[/url] as a warrior as he learned that battles are first won through strenght of mind and only after through strenght of hand. He saw a thousand deaths, he delivered a thousand kills, only to find out that the Way is in strategy and tactics. Burdened by his past, he now seeks his own forgiveness in scholastics. He has not forsaken war as a protective means of evolution and development, but he searches for the possibilities and knowledge that lie outside (but are intertwined with) the circle of blood (conflict/peace/conflict) -> diplomacy, manipulation, subterfuge, deception.

[b]Interests[/b] – Psychology, mass psychology, cultural and political anthropology, semiotics, heraldry.

[b]Petition[/b] – ''I am a man of the desert. I was born in the desert, it is my wish to go full circle and die in the desert. Aside such macabre yet sentimental plans, I see my place in Necrovion for a couple of other, more earthly reasons. It is here where I can pursue my goals, it is here where I have the time and the peace of mind to continue my researches, it is here where my dreams and nightmares come to life, it is here where my fears emerge, it is here where I tame them. And myself on the way. My soul made a choice long time ago, I shant go against it.''

Edited by de la Rey
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Name – Ledah
Player ID – 5305
Title/Tag – The Puppet Master, Necrovion Archivist (unofficial)
Role – Collector and researcher of all kind of information about Necrovion, he will push himself to his own limits in persue for a single drop this precious knowledge.
Interests – Necrovion Lore, Shades, Black Water, Liquid Dust, Creatures.
Petition – I would like to a citizen of Necrovion because this land had always some effect on myself, ever since Khalazdad recruited me and because it the land I am most affiliated with

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Name – Azrael Dark
Player ID – 18615
Title/Tag – The Silent Reaper

Role – An Angel of Death with the role of reaper betrayed by light and imprisoned deep in Inner Necrovion. Time spent there has tainted his wings black and given him powers rooted in dark magic. Seeks to gain control of new found power but still carry out task as a Reaper. Current Commander of Tainted Warriors.

Interests – The Summoned Army, Recruitment of new Necrovion Creatures, modification of current creatures, Shades, Black Water

Petition – When everything else has abandoned me, Necrovion has always welcomed me with open arms. The serenity and mystery of the sage desert always draws me in and must be protected from the disillusioned outsiders who misinterpret and feel the need to commit violence on this land.

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Name – |_Ark_Mattarox
Player ID – 10113
Title/Tag – Controlled Shade
Undefined entity commonly referred to as Shade. Usually being a fragment of a larger cluster and without individual identiy.
Interests – Individuality
Petition – I believe humans would call this my birthright

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Name – TheFallenOne
Player ID – 179551
Title/Tag – Soul Stealer unoffical
Role – A Student of arcane magic and Unholy deeds My only loyalty is to my queen and the necrovion land
Interests – (Necrovion Lore, Shades, Black Water, Liquid Dust, All forms of ancient magic i have yet to discover
Petition – The Necrovion Land is my home a place of Solace to me But i Swear My loyalty to my queen and my land

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[font="Comic Sans MS"]Name[/font] – Wizard of heaven

[font="Comic Sans MS"]Player ID[/font] – 111199

[font="Comic Sans MS"]Title/Tag[/font] – Morpher of minds (unofficial)

[font="Comic Sans MS"]Role[/font] – A traitor of light... Seeking a way through he's real passion.... the darkness. He uses mind as a powerful weapon. He can be very helpfull in emotional and mind poblems...and also could be a danger...having the knowledge of light, he can reach the deepest points in the enemy's mind. Not much of a fighter, he can be found in the back lines of the battlefront, aiding he's allies.

[font="Comic Sans MS"]Interests[/font] – Powers of the mind, also magic

[font="Comic Sans MS"]Petition[/font] – Facts say everyting, I don't feel confortable in the light, always attracted by darkness. I was in necro only once...but moved with caution and spent time exploring and studying it. It felt so good...so peaceful though everything seems haotic . There's no other place in wich I felt so good and calm in MD.

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Name – Talonclaws

Player ID – 102087

Title/Tag – Crazy Bowl Head (Ahaha, something *Je Suis Oeufs Fous* left in my Player Log. Personally, I like the name lol. And it fits. ;P It's unofficial of course.)

Role – Shiney Seeker, Giver of Hugs (Hug giving is so evil, it's uncomprehendable...seriously), running around MD doing random stuff (I like doing random stuff, don't you? Especially when I start breaking things. :)), Maze Mapping is a hobby of mine, and spreading chaos and fuzzles

Interests – SHINEY STUFF (Which Kragel, Grido and Peace generously let me play with), Mapping, Puzzling, confusing people, breaking stuff, and have had an interest (since starting MD) in all Necrovion

Petition – Many know me as the overhyper bouncing shiney-seeking fluffball, but there's also the alternate side. I mean, I AM insane. The side that festers and seeks to come out and bring the void to the world. This side comes not oft, but it shows itself in the rarest of times.
One could think I would be more suited to another land, due to the Crafters and their Shineys, the Golumus and their curiousity and magi. I seek the citizenship of Necrovion as it is the Land that I feel the most close to. It...appeals to me more. Then again, black's always been my favorite color. xD (Joking, that's not really a good reason.) But to say, Necrovion is not only the representation of dark, it's also the opposing force of the world. One doesn't nessacarily have to be dark and evil to be an opposing force. I wouldn't consider the Shades evil, more as a mirror of our selves. I mean, that is a part of what they are. I want to learn more of the Balance and what it has to do in this world, which Necrovion takes a huge part of. That, and the douple side wants to come out and play sometime too...*grins sadistically*

As citizen of Necrovion. I swear my loyalty to Land, Ruler and those that serve.

Edited by Talonclaws
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Name – Mad Hatter
Player ID – 86384
Title/Tag – (need one)
Role – I want power lots of power. I Wish to become master of my domain I wish to learn the darkest of knowledge to seek revenge for those that cannot. To bring solace and peace to those who seek it and to bring Fear to those who look to destroy what we have worked so hard to build.
Interests – everything.
Petition – The dark has always welcomed me, if reluctantly. I enjoy being wrapped in its cold embrace. I respect the dark and those who call it home. For me it provides shelter and solace in a world of chaos.

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