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Who Broke The Gazebo Of Equilibirium ?


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As i took my morning walk i almost had a heart attack when i reached GoE... the roof is blown away ..only the base remains at it place ...
Appereantly nobody know what happened

so perhaps you can answer some questions like when is the last time you saw GOE as it was ...when did you see it broken ...so we may establish when and who did this ....

Any information is very appreciated ;)

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Aww...but why did you have to spoil it?...

what happened with solving a mistery?

oppinions ..who did it and why ..and how did this happened ... a whole "let's find the guilty one "

[spoiler]now it's like you told a 10 years old there is no Santa[/spoiler]

As requested by Indy I have hidden Ud's post since it is too spoilish :))

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