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Pimped Present


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I have had a serious problem. One of my Pimped Grasans have been feeling neglected.
I dont know why but it has been trying to get my attention the last couple of days.
It has been dancing before me when I was sitting with my Reindrach Egg, and it doesnt look good when a Pimped Grasan dance. :blink:
It has even been chewing in all my shoes and made them all slimy. :(
But the last thing I couldnt accept.
It tried to take my Reindrach Egg and play santa at GoE by giving it away, but luckly I noticed it when he had dressed up and tried to get the Egg from my hands ^_^ .
[attachment=1326:Pimped Santa.png]

So now I will punish him by putting him in a giftbox and give him away. :P

[size="5"]Hurry up and chose Your gift![/size]

You have to chose one of these gifts and only one.
Everyone can participate, but only one account per person (No Alts).
Any choice of Gifts has to be given in this tread or they wont count.

There will be a Pimped Grasan as the Grand Prize, and maybe some other things in some of the other Gifts ;)
The gift will only be given to the first one to chose it, so no point in chosing a gift that has already been taken.
The gifts that has anything in them have already been chosen randomly.
The winner will be anounced in this tread after the 24 of december (Whenever I get online after that)

(I know the last gifts has the number written on top of them, but they still count :P )

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