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Demoting Forum Mods

Muratus del Mur

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I was requested to investigate the demotion of Fenrir Greycloth as a forum mod. Here are my conclusions.

Since the forum has a chain of command, in this order: regular user -> forum mods -> forum admins -> me, the decisions comming from the same people that placed you in that position can not be contested.

You got accepted as forum mod by a forum admin, forum admins can demote you WITH OR WITHOUT REASON. Moderator job is to keep the forum going alright and clean bad things, organize topics, etc, and forum admin job is to keep a good team of forum mods and take important decisions about the forum.

currently Chewett is the head of forum (since the beginning of times i might add), and akasha is also root admin (also since the beginning of times). Forum hierarchy in the admin section is mods->akasha->chewett->me.

If fenrir was or was not demoted based on a good reason its irrelevant, because he could have been demoted also without reason.
Once i have someone in charge of something it means i trust that person decisions regarding the matters i placed him in command over. In this particular case i think there was a very strong reason to demote fenrir because ALL mods, and admins agreed to his demotion. Even if it was not a good reason at all, the simple fact that you managed to get the other "team members" against you is reason enough for you not to continue to be a forum mod.

For general knowledge, demotion up the hierarchy is also possible, meaning that for example more regular users can file a complain to a forum admin to demote a forum mod, for good reasons. The same way more forum mods can file a complain to me to demore a forum admin, but the reasons would have to be ridiculously strong to make me demote either chewett or akasha, so unless you have solid proof of abuse,insane acts, or such, dont waste my time. Forum admins usualy get demoted based on inactivity, so when they no longer come around to handle things when needed, i will replace them by someone else after a certain period of time.
As for me, sorry i can't be demoted, you'd wish :( ..or lets say i can demote myself and get rid of the responsability ...ah, i'd wish :P

So back to fenrir situation.
I think that anyone that served the community for a decent period of time deserves a reward. Fenrir was a mod for a decent period of time over half a year if i know right. Being a mod means serving the md community. Regardless of the reason he got demoted, his work on the forum in previous times remains unchanged so his reward should be there for him.

The reward will be sent shortly, and will consist (as chewett suggested) in a wishpoint for service to md, and a valuable creature. i will probably slightly change this reward after i think a bit how much time means how much reward. Right now i am not sure if this is too little for 8 month of moderating or too much. (feel free to make suggestions)

and a personal note to fenrir: you being a mod wont prevent you from getting baned from the forum for rudeness to other mods or admins.

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