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Long Live The King


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Hail, Jester, new king of Necrovion. The Eclipse welcomes your ascension to the throne and looks forward to establishing a relationship with your court.

We are sad to lose Peace, our friend and kinswoman, whose water has mingled with ours, and who shall forever be welcome among us. But behold her wisdom in naming her successor!

May the reign of Jester be long and glorious!

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My heart had begun to weep for Necrovion, but alas, I am confident that now it shall not. I wish to congratulate you, my friend, for your achievements.

Not only newly-turned mp6, but King as well!

Phantom Orchid
Oak Priestess of the Sanguine Moon

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[quote name='wizard of heaven' date='03 February 2010 - 01:42 AM' timestamp='1265186536' post='53769']
why him??? >_>

anyway I suppose i dont know him good enough ...(I hope i dont...)

~~the new era of sadness...~~

jester is dead?.hmm...rest in PEACE...-es...

New targets just keep showing up!

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I wish you a good rule Jester, or shall I say King of Necrovion. Don't blame Wizard for the comment please. He's loyal to Necrovion, believe me, but like I said before, some people don't like other people. And not all that come to the throne will be the favorites or even liked by all that follow their rule. You already know you're not my favorite either, but don't blame someone for annoucing they're opinion. Besides, every rule has to have balancing or opposing factors. I've never seen a king that didn't have one. Such things just don't exist. Of course, you're always welcome to throw the tomatoes when you will. I like doing a little dance now and again. *grins*

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