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Mya Celestia

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[font="Palatino Linotype"][color="#8B0000"]I've noticed lately that there is a lot of hostility and general gruffness in the realm and the forum lately. Let's try saying something nice. If you look at this thread, write something nice about someone. It may sound silly, but let's give it a try. :P[/color][/font]

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hmm... being nice is not my strenght -.-

but to give it a try, i think Yrth does a pretty good job as king of golemus, even when we don't agree all the time, he's still a nice guy and generous king

Granos, a rude and evil person, but still funny and interesting and doing anything he can to keep MD moving

Grido and Chewie, you do great admin-jobs and are generally open-minded and nice

And all my members, you are great, guys and gals =))

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Good idea shara. We can write something good bout the person who has posted just before us and then we can write something good about the person we want to convey our compliments to. Is that ok Mya?

Shara: Never met anyone whose enthusiasm and cheerfullness is as infectious as hers. She lightens my darkest days. Proud to have you as a friend.

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Ok, something nice... that shouldnt be to hard : You gals and guys rock! Seriously, like you all. :))

As for person who posted before... hm... Esmeralda... Ok, didnt meet you yet, I think. :D But hey, you have nice "name"!

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]If you feel comfortable about speaking about the person that posted before you, feel free to say something nice about them. If you have someone else you want to say something nice about, please feel free. As long as it's nice :D[/font][/color]

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In no particular order:

Mya Celestia - A kind person, always looking to make people feel better, always trying to solve problems in the best way that she can. She works hard and deserves as many hugs as I or anyone can give her.

Shadowseeker - He has always been an inventive force in the game and even outside of it, he claims to be lazy but I disagree. He's a great roleplayer, and a loyal friend if he so chooses to befriend you.

Burns - Burns, you are a fire ball with a stick sword and a smiley shield! A silly guy with a great sense of humor and even more so? He knows that making you laugh makes you feel alot better when things just generally suck.

Marvolo - Artsy as hell, more interesting than he lets people believe he is. He's a great guy to talk to about...well, just about anything. He has always given me honest opinions and spoken openly. I'm grateful to have gotten to know him better.

Tara- I don't know you well, but you know? You've got a bit of fire to you, and I appreciate your openness and your freedom of speech.

Lady Dawn - She's smart as hell, observes well, and pays attention. She's new to the game and already she knows more than most mp4s do. She's a good person to talk to, a fun person to chat about artwork with, over all a great friend!

Poe - Intelligence burns in this one, she's wise and has given me a great opinion on alot of things. I have not encountered a bad roleplay session from her yet and I continue to see her blossom and grow in game. Out of game? She's a good friend, we've had a few laughs together!

Pamplemousse - I don't know if we see eye to eye 100% the time, but one thing is certain.. she is bluntly honest, she is very very sweet, and she is definitely not untasty. I met pample back when I was mp4, and she has been watchful of me and others around her. She notices alot that maybe some people might not even bother to notice. Seriously, if you don't know her- you should get to know her!
One thing holds true for me about Pamps, I have always considered her a beautiful person with a tough exterior and sometimes, a fragile heart.

Tarquinus/Keith - This guy has pulled me out of a metephorical hole many times. He's a good friend and an even better person to talk to and really? Pay attention when he talks in game, theres alot more to what he says than you think. Lately, I stick around just to chill with this guy and I've got alot to thank him for and most definitely not all of his kindness can be repaid, but damn it I'll still try. Of anyone in this game, I am most grateful for meeting him. A friend who makes the tough times, and even the not so tough times a little easier. :wacko:

Dark Mystic - My favorite trouble maker! She definitely makes things interesting, not just in game but even out of it. Cracks me up in YIM, gives me amazing advice, and drinks tons of wine! You might look at her and think one thing, but the next your opinion will totally change, sometimes for the worst, sometimes for the better, more often than not.. the better. Of the many beautiful people in the game, she shines and I am very glad and even happy that I met her.

Innocence - A bubbly force of nature who is an incredible friend, a great roleplayer, and deserves even more compliments than I can give. Sometimes doesn't think much about herself, but you know.. theres alot to see in this painting, reminds me of a magic eye picture. You have to squint and focus to understand everything on the page but when you do, your amazed and completely grateful for the knowledge and maybe even the advice she's given you.

Many more nice things to say about people... Comin' up.
Thanks Mya, you've gotten me into a complimenting mood! Surely you realize this is your fault? :P

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[color="#2e8b57"][i]Thanks to this fey, I became a member of GoTR.  She is a smart, free spirited force to be reckoned with, always a pleasure to chat and RP with[/i][/color]

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sharazhad- always a sweet queen of loreroot, who sits faithfully at the side of Firs. Love to see her jump in and out of the window at the defensive quarter

Amoran- A true lover of Loreroot, and a wonderful person to talk to when shes in high spirits.

Mya- My little sister and the only one left to pounce after the loss of Jazeria. A true friend since I was a young MDer

Burns- A delightful enemy, who never stops to amaze me at his combat skills.

Marvolo- The best wolf a friend could ask for

ShadowSeeker- A truely unique knight, who as burns, his combat skills surpass many. A great conversationalist who aided me in the early days of MD.

Ladytwin- soo much can be said about this upbeat, and very sweet demon. So I'll leave it at that :D

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ladytwin: is loyal to her friends and has plenty of nice things to say
Mya: is someone you can count on and will listen should you need to talk about something. Thank you.
Gremlin: is a friend and is always ready to lend a helping hand
Phantasm: a challenging opponent for Assira and a great Foster father for Legna (I cam to this conclusion because Sage is Legna's Foster Mother and I think that would make him her foster father :D )

I could go on and on about people who have been wonderful people. :D

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Today I just feel as saying few good things about few good people around... so I will do it...

[i][u]Amoran[/u] : Helpful and nice and wity. I like to chat with her as she or tells me something I didnt know before and usualy cheers me up when we "speak", just because, as I said, she is nice. Love our art-related chats also. All in all, a great person.
Chad[/u] : Funny as hell if he chooses so, and helpful. He makes me laugh almost every time. Has brains in there somewhere also, and a good ones also.

[u]Adam [/u]: One of the best out there. Helpful and kind, funny and so on. Great person to chat with.[/i]

[b]Anyhow, there is definetly more of you out there that I find witty and great even if I didnt listed you here right now, I might on some other day when my mind isnt so flooded with gazillion of thoughts.

You are all unique and that is definetly something good.[/b]

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There are so many friends that I have made in MD and I do not use the term freely.

Friends that I actually talk to OOC in YM.

Friends that I do care about.

I will not mention names as I might make a mistake of leaving a name out accidently.

You know who you are.

But I just wanna holla to a group of players that are seldom recognised.

The LHOs.

You guys are doing a great job!


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Hmmmm Nice things to say about people....

Well I know many of you or know of many of you but there are only a few at the moment that i know well enough to be able to give a reasonably good "nice" comment about....so here goes

First and foremost would be my mentor from my first day here Sage is a patient woman who took me as her adept and showed me along the path to accomplish so much so quickly she is a big part of the reason I've become so strong so quickly and how i was able to accomplish 4th in the HC an accomplishment in my eyes.

Next would be my new found friend adiomino, the transforming puppy of MD he's a great buffer for ideas and full of information and help when ever you need it also a very reasonable tradesmen from him i was able to get my first elemental with a decent token attached. Find him in Loreroot if you ever need advice or just a laugh.

Legna is a bundle of laughs and mischief rolled into one gigglefits little girl. very good aim with a water balloon *ducks* and really good at making people laugh no matter how down they may be.

Princ Raegar is the other Mp6 thats really helped me through my journey and while sharing our knowledge of MD we also share tales of one of my favorite books. He is a good hearted soul and very wise and helpful.

dst is very funny when you manage to catch her in a talkative good mood....also she don't look half bad in a dress...I do hope to get to know her better and find out more good things to say :)

Next on the list would have to be Muratus del Mur the man himself. for creating this wonderful world that we all share and for taking the time out from his busy developing schedule to have some fun messing around in the PC...Mr Wizard as I've come to call him now can be a great source of laughter for those who understand his brand of humor(e.g. the April fools joke that had people freaking out.) Also....thanks for the tour of GG for the short while i was there lol

and last but certainly not least of all is my new found desire Mya Celestia the beautiful empath who has stolen my heart Since coming to this realm we have grown closer and though I know the hardships she's faced I hope to overcome them and shine in her life as she has brightened mine a caring and light-hearted soul always available to help anyone in need of advice or help with the realm and a good source of joy for all around.

As I get to know more of you wonderful people better I do hope to add to this list.

Edited by Darigan
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