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How To Lose Exp?


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I'm currently at max xp for mp3 but i don't want to advance to mp4 yet so I was wondering i there anyway for me to lose exp? because i wanna max out my main crits first and do other stuff b4 i advance to mp4
i now have 2 max aramor one grasan 2, 2 barren soul 1 dark archer, 1 elemental egg, 1 level 1 aramor and 5 other heretic archer 2.

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4+, and not on mp3

lol, those are answers to both questions, as in lvl 4+ for crits, and no xp-losing in battle on mp3

saccing wouldn't pay for you probably, you want to have a bunch of creatures with a bit of age and a higher level, not just one or two

and those are things that are in the announcements, that's why we tell them freely, Laz... LOL

If he was asking for secrets, there wouldn't be any answers on the thread -_-

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[quote name='Lazarus' date='13 February 2010 - 04:07 PM' timestamp='1266048424' post='54411']
I can't believe what I am reading right now, you guys are giving away free candies? Correct me if I am wrong but I think these sort of things shouldn't be posted publicly.


Check this out, Lazarus. A similar thread. You can also check the announcement log, you'll also find those stuff..

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Because its just a basic,its no secret its not like he is going to use it to get some advantage there is none to it,since he gets to mp5 he will ask someone and will be told.

One thing is tell how to solve the berserk puzzle another thing is tell about steal life and losing xp,its something you will just know when you get to mp5 there is no point in making it harder for new players.At least i dont see any point in making secret of that, no gain there.

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