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Lunch Box Social


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[b]Lunch Box Social [/b][b]RULES:
Bid for a picnic basket by number. Winning bidder will have lunch with the Mystery Woman who made the picnic box. Bids can be silver or gold. Sisters who want to participate need to pm them to me ASAP!

Ladies, please remember that your picnic boxes are to be anonymous! No telling!

Box #1: Luxurious sandwiches and strawberries covered in melted chocolate. A bottle of champagne.

Box#2: A picnic basket covered with a blue blanket. Clanking bottles can be heard when it is moved. The smell of warm apples comes from under the blanket along with.....blood?

Box #3: Hoagie sandwiches filled with roast beef and salami, provolone cheese, tomatoes, ice berg lettuce, and honey mustard. Sweet Red Wine and strawberry cheese cake.

Box #4: Two Baked Bosc Pears, marinated in bee honey and covered in slivered toasted almonds Two Broiled Cornish Hens Wild Rice Steamed Winter Squash 1 Bottle of Lorerootian Red Wine Two Cream Puffs.

Box #5: In a dark area a small flame can be seen from a candle. Beside the candle is a small picnic basket and a bottle of rum. The smell of freshly cooked meat fills the air.

#6: Two Peanut Butter N Banana Honey Sandwiches, crusts cut off. Two Bottles of Yoo-Hoo Fried Potato Chips Chocolate Chip Cookies.

#7: Strawberry lemonade Vodka Sandwich with ham, cheese and mushrooms Grilled Vegetable Sandwich Apple Pie.

#8: A Wicker basket with a whiskey cork hanging on the handle containing the following items: 1) Roasted beef, drizzled with basil, sage and olive oil 2) Roasted Vegetables drizzled with herbs and olive oil 3) A bottle of white wine 4) Creme caramel 4) Small Keg of Evermead.
Let the bids begin![img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]
[b]All bids are final on Monday![/b]

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[quote name='pamplemousse' date='18 February 2010 - 10:53 AM' timestamp='1266454416' post='54655']
Bid? I thought I was just voting.

Fine, 2 Silver. I'm curious about what is in that basket. Clanking bottles always pique my interest.
I bid 4 silver for Box number 2

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[quote name='King Bull' date='18 February 2010 - 10:56 AM' timestamp='1266512203' post='54685']
3 sliver for #7 and the Beef lunches are out of the question and i am amazed that some one would want to make a lunch of me. I ask myself is that good or bad?

Except you are not Beef! You are a Bull Elephant, not a Bull Steer. What is elephant meat anyways? Grey matter? X D

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[quote name='Grido' date='19 February 2010 - 03:10 PM' timestamp='1266613848' post='54792']
Just curious, who's getting the silver? The lunchbox owners, or you?

The Sister who made the lunchs get the silver coins. However, in the interest of helping with Magic Duel events, each Sister will keep some of the Silver to donate to a worthy cause. At one time, coins could be donated to the MDN and the now defunct Artist Guild. Windy will be looking for causes that the Sisterhood can donate to.

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The coins will go to further MD causes. It was never my intention that the Sisters keep the monies. What use we can put the monies to is up to dabate. This picnic social ends tomorrow...The Sisters and I will discuss the endless possibilities.

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Alright my darlings! The tallies are in! And the winners are!

Box #1: MRG! You bid 5 Silver! You will be dining with ladytwin...aka...Tara!

Box #2: Kyphis The Bard! You bid 8 Silver! You will be dining with Mya Celestial!

Box #3: Flamewarrior! You bid 5 Silver! You will be dining with Me!

Box #4: Lucius! You bid 3 Silver! You will be dining with Falen Angel!

Box #5: Prince Marvolo! You bid 2 Silver! You will be dining with Assira The Black!

Box #6: Phantasm! You bid 4 Silver! You will be dining with Your Wife! I smell something fishy!!!!

Box #7: King Bull! You bid 3 Silver! You will be dining with Sephirah Caelum!

Box #8: Firsanthalas! You bid 4 Silver! You will be dining with your Wife! I smell something equally fishy!!!

Congratulations to our winners! The proceeds of this Picnic Social will be put to use for MD festivities...whatever they may be!

Thank You!

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