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This I Got A Few Times Today


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I believe it has something to do with the DNA experiment or the new AL thingy. I experienced the same issue several time. Refresh again or if it doesn't work, just log out and then log in.

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Uhhh not sure if I should do this, but I'm going to hijack this thread.

I got this just now. along with others at the Sparring Grounds...

Error: SyntaxError
Err description: undefined
Err number: undefined
Err message: illegal character

Ajax response:

��}��Ow�i�ͽ��Ո!q3�r����Ż4�}� Ux�U2�� �$@ -���,�/>D�O[%A�k�÷�|��QAҟ�����3�@��^GE ��°��#
����W�$���#�C*;{�g�<���=�j��r�N�M@xJ*�U�r��4ƽd�-�o �ɝJ�'��K�e��N|���������,"�~�'!���9��X�ʰ������c�l�<��0�QN���K�9�
2�[|�2�����M�gP���:��<���C��*N�6{2���Bm؏��[�� 3�aiRu3\՞!�#�4����>�6&�\vn����I�=�pn�uJ���j&�G"c�̒|��S��P L�s�>R3��̕S�3��yOI�>��zX
+/��}�S&��z#�g2:"fdX:y����5�4I�ӡ����yN��1Hv)�&��z::�V��m�<ꍎ2qI/,jc�s�4d�?,-k8����d{K����fF�K�aL�S2�j�����W^Nz��&�Bc�>��0&0I��aiK]~sॵ#ޚk�";ŢJ�m��E��0r ����ԛ�Vm��>�puᇴ��"J�qⳋO,���d'h��!���[}lϯ������ҠӦ2&�{�݆{]��<Zx�$��0���טwC��g*���_���{��
Q2�i���2I��.�$�k��^���Q��>����T��m�_X��(���r�b���@�kEyN9�z[s�p�N��k�@pș;b�Aj� ���:�ݬ���F��6�l��GA�'���O��k, ��.�D��ը�0` ��FA�� ��4�����~&�L�y��Ѯ@����'�Po�^M|�`2�u`s<��vL��U��n͋�-��ʧqrۑ�g����X>'n�?(~�1�pk����(Z�3�^��G=fp�,�t��8X�iF��Ҙ\|��.�G�-e�Qb �ltO�*8�C�� T���n��,��{S&�xA$�@?��ukd��{c������bSmm�6X�Pj�0��s.�0�]35&<���X�Qj��m�7�ޣM��M�u���3�Fj�rX�l�k{Xh��P�Q���,��5|f6L5��}��>�ÎF�ә�7�q���/f\�:�> �?w瞪�dA�>r`7�f��X�r��wQs,�[6��h_/L鈒�3D����E�b�n�Π�/��v��YD��j]0

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[quote name='ladytwin' date='27 February 2010 - 01:57 PM' timestamp='1267300656' post='55420']
hi cant explain what happend but afther hitting f5 i got this page a few times to day

I got that when I logged in at the time of the AL input page. Refreshing fixed it. (running latest firefox)

Maybe it happened for you at the AL display page that came up recently?

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