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Mp6 Evolution


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Yesterday morning I got well over the required 28 mil xp and over the 35 adepts to become an Mp6. I was spoke to both Grido and Peace and got two different times when the adepts were to be counted. Both times have passed and I am still a Mp5. Is there a possible bug? Please advise. I had popcorn and boose ready to celebrate with and both are stale now. X D


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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='28 February 2010 - 08:17 PM' timestamp='1267409847' post='55531']
Did you check your magic scroll? >>

The Scroll no longer shows that I need X amount of xp. As Grido reminded me, my count show me at 23 active adepts while I count 45 active Adepts. It still has not changed. Thank you Grido. Peace mentioned that once the adepts were counted, I would automatically become an Mp6, not have to click a tab.

Any other ideas out there?

Edit: It is now morning and my counter is still sitting at 23 adepts when I have over 40 active adepts. Would it be possible that the Head Contest is interferring with my leveling up? I am running out of ideas.

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Yes !

There is an issue with MP6 it seems !

Probably during HC the counter is not made !

My seplls haven't been restarted!

I still have the same values instead of full as normally did once the day passed !

So lets hop this will pass ONCE HC is over ! If it doesn't then, it might be a MP6 bug !

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