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Please, please do some changes to the Live Help Button!

We have a bunch of LHOs form all over the world, and at elast one is active almost any time of the day, yet half the messages get answered a lot slower than possible, or not at all.
Please just change the update procedure for the Live Help Button so that it searches for an online, not idle, LHO when the button is actually clicked, and not when the page is refeshed!
I've been logged out since 9am, and got a Help Request at 10am, simply because the person who had a question had last refreshed the screen around 9 am, while i was still active and wandering the forest, so instead of getting an instant answer from one of the actually online LHOs, or in worst case getting a message that no LHO is available right now and that their request will be sent to the next who logs on (hey, 'nother idea), poor nebulus waited for over an hour until i could answer the very simple question that MD is a PvP-game, and that no training dummies were available for new crits.

It seems as though private conversations with Grido don't make things change, so i'm posting here, wait for a few answers and probably more, better, and preferably easily coded ideas, and then i'm simply gonna poke people until Mur gets around to take a look and either do something or just tell me that there are too little requests and that it's not worth the effort to be coded differently.

thanks for your attention.

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  • Root Admin

its a little more complicated than that. discussions need to stay between same people, not distributed randomly among online lhos, or you will get fractions of a discussion. New players might not reply from pm but use the lho button again to continue a discussion.

I need to make it a bit smarter in order to do what you ask, and i will do so eventualy.

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Why not assign new players to LHOs and have that one LHO pop up when the button is clicked?

I mean, it doesn't solve the inactive problem, but it solves the fragmented conversation problem, and it'd sort of be a way to measure how well an LHO is doing, but not really.

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Maybe a separate chat function for LHOs, so newbies can actually chat directly instead of using PMs? The Chat function can connect to all LHOs, so it will really be real time help. And to prevent abuse, the chat function should stay only to players below, say, 30 days?

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