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Md On Toplists

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I've tried to do this several times, but every time people asked to do it vanish or forget.

The current toplists md is on (free credits links) are old and i haven't researched for new sites for a very long time.

What i want is that someone, best if more but organized, can sweep the internet for browser games toplists (not general toplists) and see where md is and where its not. Where its not, i need a list with them so i can register it and add the link to the free credits links. Please do not submit it on your own, i need to do that so i can have control over it, to buy it premium if needed and such.

Before flooding me with a bunch of toplists, remember i need you to actualy check if md is there or not, and if the link is already on free credits page or not. No point adding a site twice, right?

So? anyone dares?
Good luck.

p.s. NO random links sent to me, i need organized list, not "suggestions" where i should check.

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  • Root Admin

This is the list Yoshi sent me just now.
Compare with it and lets have one list with all in it. Don't pm me, write here pls so all can see and eliminate duplicates.



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Quality [url="http://mmohut.com/"]game site[/url] that offers pedant overview of various browser based games, but I think there is no option for voting. However it is nice chance to enclose the concept of Magic Duel to other potential players.

http://mmohut.com/ ---> link

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A site that lists MD but which is not in the MD advert links
MD is 18th place on it, with a total vote of 1

Some other sites not listing MD
[s]http://mmohut.com[/s] Atrumist already mentioned this one

This is a site not dedicated to browser games in particular, but it is massive enough to warrant MD being on it (millions of users)

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Most of them have add/join/register along the top or left side:
http://www.afreegaming.com/ >> http://www.afreegaming.com/register.php
http://www.gamesites99.com/ >> http://www.gamesites99.com/join.aspx
http://www.gamesites100.net/ >> http://www.gamesites100.net/join
http://www.gamesites101.com/ >> http://www.gamesites101.com/add/
http://www.gamesites200.com/ >> http://www.gamesites200.com/join.shtml
http://www.gamesitestop100.com/ >> http://www.gamesitestop100.com/join
http://www.gamessiteslist.com/ >> http://www.gamessiteslist.com/register.php
http://www.gametopsites.com/ >> http://www.gametopsites.com/index.php?a=join
http://www.jagtoplist.com/ >> http://www.jagtoplist.com/add
http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/ >> http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/add.php
http://www.top100arena.com/ >> http://www.top100arena.com/signup.asp
http://www.topfreegameservers.com/ >> http://www.topfreegameservers.com/Add
http://topg.org/ >> http://topg.org/add
http://www.topgamesites.org/ >> http://www.topgamesites.org/index.php?a=join
http://www.xtremetop100.com/ >> http://www.xtremetop100.com/add.php
http://gamingtop.org/ >> http://gamingtop.org/index.php?view=register
http://topofgames.com/gamingsites/ >> http://topofgames.com/index.php?register
http://mmorpgspider.com >> http://mmorpgspider.com/index.php?a=join

Unsure for these:
http://us.bigpoint.com >> http://devlounge.bigpoint.com/
http://www.gamezone.com/ >> http://www.gamezone.com/misc/submit.htm and/or http://www.gamezone.com/misc/advertise.htm

These ones I did not find an add site link:

And these are special links:
http://www.top100gaming.com/ >> When trying to join, results in error.
http://www.webpointstopsites.com/ >> Can join this to add your browser game rating site/s.

If anyone else wants to look through them, feel free :P

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Signup for bigpoint is here: http://devlounge.bigpoint.com/signup/

Not sure about mmohut, perhaps it is done through the forum? http://mmohut.com/forums/shameless-promotion/

I looks like some of them went out of their way to not get signups :P

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Well then, I found this site, and noticed MD was listed on it. The summary is wrong though as there is not hundreds of weapons and creatures Oo


EDIT: A bunch of games from here that were submitted way back when are now top games.

Edited by Yoshi
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I found some sites:


http://www.gameogre.com/topmmorpgs.htm >>>> http://www.gameogre.com/contact.htm (here you can submit the game info & description)

http://www.mmorpg.com/ >>>> http://www.mmorpg.com/register.cfm

http://www.topmmorpgsites.com/ >>>> http://www.topmmorpgsites.com/add/

http://www.top100mmorpgsites.com/ >>>> http://www.top100mmorpgsites.com/admin/member/signup.php

http://www.mmorpg-center.com/ >>>> http://www.mmorpg-center.com/contact-us

http://www.mmorpgate.com/ >>>> contact@mmorpgate.com (that's the email for contact them)

http://mmohut.com/ >>>> http://mmohut.com/forums/sendmessage.php (Yoshi Post it, but here is the site for contact)

http://topmmorpg.com/ >>>> http://topmmorpg.com/intro.htm

http://www.mmorpgtop.com/ >>>> http://www.mmorpgtop.com/index.php?a=join

http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/ >>>> http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/add.php

http://www.topmmorpglist.net/ >>>> http://www.topmmorpglist.net/submit.html

http://browsermmorpg.com/ >>>> http://browsermmorpg.com/index.php?a=join

http://www.bestmmorpg.net/ >>>> http://www.bestmmorpg.net/contact.php

http://www.topfreemmorpg.com/ >>>> http://www.topfreemmorpg.com/index.php?page=join

http://mpogtop.com/ >>>> http://mpogtop.com/add.php

http://www.mmotop250.com/ >>>> http://www.mmotop250.com/index.php?a=join

http://www.gtop100.com/ >>>> http://www.gtop100.com/join

http://www.mmorpg150.com/ >>>> http://www.mmorpg150.com/index.php?register

http://www.gametoplist.org/ >>>> http://www.gametoplist.org/index.php?a=join

http://www.mmorpg300.com/ >>>> http://www.mmorpg300.com/member/signup.php

http://www.top-onlinegames.com/ >>>> http://www.top-onlinegames.com/cgi-bin/accounts.cgi

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