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Free Wp Codes


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I got these from several clickies. Mur said something odd earlier today, and I checked, and it did contain 10 codes in total......

Oddly enough, it was fast to find o.o..I'm still missing the darn last one though.

He even said he'll go watch who gets them later, so admit it now!

I'll add the password and first location later when I give up on the search.

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These are the WPcodes, with these we can give out WP's. I should confess I guess, I took the second last one as well as the last. I have a quest coming in a month and I kind of needed things to offer :/

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' date='01 April 2010 - 11:01 AM' timestamp='1270134086' post='57358']
Tsk. Well, I give up finding the last clicky.

try searching at wind's game, the brick.

grrr. And do tell me what the last clicky holds please.

You forget, we don't know the pass.

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Heh. It was partially an April Fool's joke, but the two who went and found the 4th clicky (after the 3rd said it's a prank) will get 2 silver each from me.

Pazur and Marvolo will get them once they report to me.

Congrats to those, and sadly not many went to check them all :)

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