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too many ads?  

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Recently i increased the number of ads in the free credits section and the forum.
Is that bothering anybody? You think they are to many now? Do you even notice them?

I just need a feedback to see general reaction/imression.


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Voted No, they are ok.

Forum advertisements = not too noticeable at all.
The free credit page ads annoy me when they are in between the credit links like that.

Might just take a week or two to get used to it, but initial reaction is that it's just really annoying to scan through.

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I even click them every now and then xD
They are totally fine, they don't get in the way of the interface, like so many banners is other games do...
Why would anybody be bothered by them between the free creds anyway? They are not big enough to weigh down even very poor connections, and they make the page so much prettier with all their colors and moving things and such ^_^

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I don't mind either. There is just one thing i noticed lately. The free credits links started to move chaotically in their order. To a certain extent that is alright, because usually there is a clickable link on the top of the page, but there isn't always, so i don't quite understand what the purpose of that change was.

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  • Root Admin

For Elthen:
[quote][2010-03-28 17:24:34 - Alpha 9]
Free credits links are now shuffled. It looks a bit messy because you will have to look at the entire list to find what you have voted and what not, but it distributes the vote better across the entire list and not just to the first positions.

I dont really notice the ad's so more or less dont really effect me.

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