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Rangers Of Loreroot


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--picture removed due to following events--

I announce founding of the Rangers of Loreroot.
From now on, it will stream to collect the finest fighters of Loreroot, its elite army, with high requirements to join yet at same time also a school for those who want to be 'worthy'.

It's first leader is Sparrhawk, its structure will be explained to its members, and developed based on its increasing size. Contacting him if you want to join.

---- it is an honorary guild, for those who don't know, it will NEVER be a new alliance ----
---- Loreroot citizens only ----

ps. thank you blackwood forest for making the logo :P

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[quote name='Watcher' date='29 May 2010 - 03:12 AM' timestamp='1275099127' post='60561']
I am curious whether you, Princ, or Blackwood Forest are aware of the potential copyright issues that might arise because of the created logo[s]s[/s].

In Blackwood Forest's offering, he used artwork to which MagicDuel, and therefore Muratus del Mur, holds the copyright. While the owner might not object to the use of this artwork for the stated intention, it would still be rather rude, not to mention illegal, of either of you to use said artwork without his express permission.

Of course, if permission had been granted or the owner does not care enough to take the issue to court, then there is no problem. Obviously, it would be most prudent to check with him before using it.
*few words removed/changed to make it applicable here

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Yes, we know about this Grido, thanks for advertising again. This is still in discussion with Mur. If he decides this will not be allowed, if will be changed accordingly, be sure of that.

Opend a topic regarding to this


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MD artwork used for symbols of our guilds/gatherings as MD characters. (I personally will never use any of artworks from MD for something outside of this realm)
If that is a problem, Mur just message me and I'll change whatever that needs to be changed. Tho in that case I would please you to make me sure what are the limits (what is allowed and what is not, since for example using other people's avatars in papers or whatever would also classify as art stealing?)

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You two seem to be saying completly different things in responce....this confuses me
BF, you say you are in talks with Mur about it, and Princ, you say that if Mur has a problem he should message you (ignoring the fact he's unlikely to read this thread directly)

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[quote]You two seem to be saying completly different things in responce....this confuses me[/quote]

Princ sounds like he has no intention to contact Mur, and let Mur contact him if he thinks it's needed.

You, BF, however seem to be saying you're asking Mur about this.

Hence...completly different things in responce, which confuses me.

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Maybe it is, because we are two different identities with different views of it. I would say as well, I will do until someone asks me to stop. But since I have this "issue" already I ask Mur about it for another topic. This one is the same thing, different day.

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I announce that the Rangers of Loreroot officially do not exist and are disbanded forth with.
If you or anyone else wish to create any group or title of Loreroot, you need to discuss it with myself and others first. If you have an idea, then do it properly or not at all. You have overstepped the mark here by a long way.

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Neither you nor anyone else can take it upon themselves to create or claim any group or title in Loreroot. You are attempting to represent or hold some title of the land. You cannot do this. No citizen of any land* can. Had you discussed this properly, it would most likely not have been an issue (the group that is, I'm not getting into the flag/symbol issue). The fact is that you didn't. If you don't like this fact, you know where the door is.

* Note: No citizen of a land with a monarch at anyrate. This may seem presumptious to speak for the other kings, but it is a simple fact that it s they who are responisble for such things in their lands, not every Joe soap that decides to take matters upon themselves.

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why not?
I am forbidden to gather up with some people? the fact that is only for the Lorerootians doesn't change anything.
I am not violating any 'personal' law of yours by making groups, but if you do hold the grudge cause of it against me for I have not talked with you about it - you feeling left out and all, personally you never talked with me about things either so, you are free to hunt me down if you wish so. I didn't see the need to talk with you, for I do not have the duty to in this case, if I needed your support for it, I would ask it. It is up to you will you support the cause or not, due to issues you have or not.

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Do not assume what my thoughts are.
The guild will stay, unless you know something that I don't regarding this (in that case, you are free to approach to talk to me, I'm around.) since you really have no authority over this, and I haven't announced this group as part of the Kingdom of Loreroot.
As "attempting to to represent or hold some title of the land", I already am one of its representors as leader of the Savelites Church, so I have no "ego" desires to do this. I want to make Loreroot HAPPEN, do something, things you haven't done in the time of your reign for the record, and it is not too late yet, we can all work together to unite us and function as a stabile community, or we can do same thing like we have done in the past year. Do nothing.
"inaction is a weapon of mass destruction".

[unless I'm breaking a game rule by forming a group... that kind of rules/if any like that exist/ aren't written exactly on a wall for me to read. Which would be really silly, since this is based on actions of people on to their character, it's a social thing.]

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May I step in?

Before this goes on to a more hostile direction, as fellow Lorerootians, can't the two of you just talk about it, as friends?

After all, Firs said that he doesn't really have an issue with the group.

Why don't you both sit down together and let everyone walk away smiling?

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hmm i have stayed away but i have to say something.

first you are breaking a rule. As per the anouncment as a memeber of the land and the allaince being bound
to the land of LR. you are bound by the rules of the land and its king. So since you have decided to disobay
your king you are commiting treason. This is an observation.

Also by stating this is a group of LR you are stating it is part of LR and there for overriding your king.

Edited by Yrthilian
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I see there are two issues in here, one with the logo and one with the group itself. I am so far not involved in the group but I suggest you as well, Rheager my friend, step 10 min away, and rather try to figure out a way together with Firs. Otherwise this will end in complete flaming chaos. If there is an issue with Loreroot and the king don´t want to be involved in this, make in not landbound and call them just the "forest ranger" and we remove the loreroot archer and build in something neutral.

Edited by Blackwoodforest
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Authority..... I'm the king. I know you've never liked it, but there it is.
Working together....Exactly! You decided to set a group up without consultation.
For the record, I would most likely have not objected to the group, but the fact remains, you don't have the authority to create any group or title on behalf of Loreroot. Why don't you just name yourself as 'Heir to the throne of Loreroot' or the 'Real King of Loreroot'.
You can wail and moan as much as you like. The simple fact is it is a neccessary requirement so that abuses and liberties don't occur. Loreroot gets a bad reputation because of precisely this kind of moronic rubbish.
I have made a decree as king. You could have spoken to me and asked that the Rangers of Loreroot be made official. You didn't. I have had enough of it now really. You know where the door is. If you can't follow my rule, then leave. The choice is yours. And should you decide that you won't leave, but feel you can continue to ignore me or berate me, then I will show you the door personally.
The choice is yours to make. This applies to anyone else that has similar issues. My door is always open to any of you and you all know it. So I will not entertain you or anyone else behaving like this.

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I was interested in this group until the king disbanded it.

The Eclipse serves the king in all secular matters. I will discourage any knight or priestess, on potential sanctions up to and including dismissal, from having any affiliation with an organisation that does not have the king's favour.

Princ Rhaegar, my brother, my friend: stand down, I beg you. This is a simple matter. We serve the king, and the king's word is law. Were the king to interfere with our religious activities, we might lodge a formal complaint, but even then we, as Lorerootians, must do as our king bids us. Firsanthalas is no tyrant, and there is no reason whatever to challenge his authority on this or any other matter.

[i]Edit: and let us show a unified Loreroot, for all love. Let not outsiders say of Loreroot that we are weak, decadent, or divided. It is incumbent upon us as alliance leaders to set examples for all persons under our responsibility.[/i]

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to answer your observation, Yrth.

This realm is working on people's decisions. (unless Mur will enforce people's roles - which is contradicting to the idea that people shape their own fate of characters and roles here. - by those standards, Firsanthalas, if he really wants so, can accuse me of treason and try to force the outcome he wants to happen - which would of course rely on his own power to keep things in order, that's what being king is about.)
I have not layed any oath to Firs or accepted his authority since I never approached him of taking the LR citizenship - I was already there before his kingship. So that rule doesn't apply. (and even if it did, I would break a social rule, not game rule, not unless Mur will enforce those people roles, but then the meaning of being king would lose its weight if that has to be enforced by the creator of the game)

so you do not dare to bring mention of treason to me, Yrthilian, not knowing anything about this, furthermore, you have no dealings with this argument. Unless you want to be part of this? It's the natural right of a human, to make decisions. And you seem to know that, you made plenty in your past :D

Loreroot never functioned with an autocratic monarch, but if it does have one, then that one needs to have enough power to be one. (unless voting makes an autocratic monarch... which is a bit... weird for an autocratic monarchy.)
And autocratic it is since, there is no other ruling branch of the kingdom except Firs himself. And honestly, I am not that against autocracy, but it has to be done properly.
So it comes back again to inaction, inaction of an autocrat or, if he really doesn't want it to be that way as he speaks, total inaction of a semi-democrat (saying basically that he is making semi-democratic goverment), so I am here to change that in Loreroot.
I was always here to work with, I never have been asked.

applying that, I haven't broke any game rules.
Again I may have been blind for all this time. This is how the realm works, our own decisions? tell me if I am wrong Yrthilian?
Cause that's how I picture this realm. Fictional world (with its own purpose and background of course) where you can pursue your own role without interferance in a way. That's how it is said on the adds. If it isn't that way, then I can just leave and do the same here, take a piece of paper and write "King Rhaegar of all the lands, he's the winner of the game, yes!!!"

of course I never liked it, you and I had issues before that. That's why I didn't like it, I didn't trust you, tho I have decided to let that go and try to work together. You didn't. There was the same idea about this order if you really are forgetting it so easily. Of course, that, like any other of my ideas, got rejected, cause it contradicted your own world of thoughts.... I was hoping you would actually do something. well you didnt.
You just kept that paranoia on me, that I will come to get you (which I could/can if I want/ed :)) but my goal is to make Loreroot great, not myself, so you can cut the crap.)
you haven't even completed the own summarization of your candidacy for kingship!!! :))
Why? Cause you were uneased to do anything cause I would do something or whatever?

Things are going to change, you just ended the tabu.
This is not against you. Loreroot needs to evolve from the stage of a-year-ago. Make it happen, or I will.
If you do have true intentions, you have my support, tho I know you are too much in your misty thoughts to accept the fact that I might be of a help, we can work together, or we can pursue this conflict until one of use perishes into the clouds of dust. Your choice.

[b]edit: I haven't saw your post Tarquinus, was writing this too long. My point still stands tho.
To Firs: I do not want to disturb your vacation. We can talk about this when you get back home. You can think about this till then.[/b]

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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I say as well, group together and talk about it. And for you Firs, you shouldn´t disband this easily. There might be a good idea behind organizing problems, but it is still a part of potential development of Loreroot. I am sad to see this that way for those ranger, I haven´t had any idea what they are about and similar but well. Like Tarquinus said, lets unite.


[i]Fear and rejoice, for Black is King;
Fear and rejoice - for everything.
I like! :))

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True that MD allows us to pursue the roles that we want. Develop our roles and shape it in the realm. But there are still rules in MD that binds and shapes our role.

A king was chosen, and the citizens of his land is bound by his law. As a leader of a Loreroot alliance, you should have been wiser in the way you communicated to the king.

It was an oversight on your side to not have discussed with the king before starting the rangers. It sounds like a good idea but you should have discussed the matter with the king first.

The king have spoken and you should have asked for an audience. Instead you told the King off and asked the King to come to you. (I guessed that’s expected since you said Mur can come to you if he has a problem with the logo, instead of you trying to seek Mur out)

Anyways, Firsan is playing his role as the King and doing what a King is expected to do. You, probably will start a role as the disobedient citizen. (I hope I am wrong about your intentions)

Majority of Lorerootians are loyal to the King, and you will find scarce support for your cause in the direction that you are taking. I hope you will reconsider the actions that will make the situation worse.

We Lorerootians take our King very seriously.

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It was not an oversight. Last time I mentioned creating of organization of something like this was denied (tho I asked for Firsanthalas' support as well, as King of Loreroot, to make it practical as a guild as well, perhaps form some sort of rewards) tho the answer was basically that we must not make such a thing cause certain people will feel bad for being classified as "not worthy" when trying to apply to it (well that's life. The idea is that it is an gathering of elite fighters, and in my opinion it would actually moralize people to work harder to gain such a status as member of it, then to be demoralized, since it isn't made in a way to "buzz people off" but to show them what to do for them to earn their position.)

I did overreacted about this (was in the moment) but I am not lying. The fact is that nothing happened in the past year concerning Loreroot. We are supposed to have a king, to lead us right, and not so someone gets the royal status (at least, that's how the mentality works in Loreroot. Or at least it had.).
If every thought get's drowned cause of the possibility of small difficulties... then we aren't gonna work ever, am I right?
So I tried to do something. This was first of my planed to-make guilds, and the goal was to make people focus on their roles as Lorerootians, be motivated to build up the strengths they see as their main thing. (strengths as in general)

I didn't want it to go through the process of papirology and editing so it becomes something I don't want to be at the end, with a good experiance of everything else denied earlier due to possible 'complications'.

furthermore you're comparing this issue with the one with MD art, is totally different. Mur you can't contact that easy, and I certainly am not first who would adopt one of MD artworks to symbolize something related to MD. Never were there any troubles, never are there now (at least with Mur), and I was a bit annoyed to be 'spammed' cause of it since the issue happened recently with Ailith and also Blackwood, with ailith saying she will contact Mur about it. It was in public forums, Mur made no reply, and made no announcements against the used art, so I assumed everything is in order (to add to all the other reasons I said already)

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]The Guardians of the Root serve the land and the king. As such, I also discourage the members of GotR from joining.

Firsanthalas was elected properly by a wide margin. He is the king of a wild land, and has proceeded cautiously and with great concern for the land. For any person in the land to say the king can come looking for him/her, is acting arrogant and presumptuous. It is that person's responsibility to approach the king not the other way around.

In any organization there is a chain of command. For things to function smoothly, it needs to be followed. Breaking the chain breaks any momentum that existed.

This was a good idea. It's too bad you didn't follow the chain of command.
~Mya Celestia
2nd Leader of the GotR[/font][/color]

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