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Tokens On Sharpshooters

Fyrd Argentus

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Not exactly a bug, but I don't think this is intended. The rules on aimed attack in the announcements indeed define everything based on "default" statistics. I find that indeed, tokens don't matter. I hope this will be changed. Test was on a sharpshooter vs. a lone tree. I suppose loreroot archers function the same, but no test.

Fyrd Argentus's Creature Tokens [claw2, claw1, blooddrop2, stardust, emeraldglare, kellethafire, jewelshards, firedrop]
Principles based tokens are at 95% capacity
[claw2] breakes freeze.
[claw2] Father [b]gets 990 attack [/b]and 0 regeneration based on Principles.
[claw1] breakes freeze.
[claw1] Father [b]gets 1000 power[/b] based on Princiles.
[blooddrop2] breakes freeze.
[blooddrop2] gets 8 initiative (10 percent)
[blooddrop2] Father gets 4 defence (25 percent) [b]and 285 attack (25 percent)[/b] due to principles combination.
[stardust] breakes freeze.
[stardust] Father [b]gets 32 regeneration and power[/b], 8 luck .
[emeraldglare] breakes freeze.
[emeraldglare] Father gets 0 regeneration and 0 defence based on enemy creature skills
[kellethafire] breakes freeze.
[kellethafire] Father gets +50% vitality due to missin Light and/or Element Principle.
[jewelshards] breakes freeze.
[jewelshards] Father gets Max Vitality capacity doubled.
[firedrop] breakes freeze.
Applying 5% of Fyrd Argentus's energetic influence
Applying 1% of Shemhazaj's energetic influence
Fyrd Argentus's Father does aimedhit to strong creature(s) of Shemhazaj and:
- Treant receives AIMED HIT with 916 damage
(100 piercing + 6.51% (tried 1025%) of enemy vitality. Attack force 100%,
enemy defence resistance: 1.152, enemy level resistance: 2.667 ) and remains with 11612 vitality

ps. Base Power of 20 divided by 1.152, divided by 2.667 gives 6.51%. Base attack was 100, untokened.
pps. It "tried 1025%" which would have been near my actual power, but it defaulted to untokened value.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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