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Sparring Ground For Weak Mp5S?


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You have probably been seeing me talking about getting murdered all the time since i've gotten back, and there should be a way to get back into the fighting scene without having to constantly rely on tree rits set up for you.

There should be a place where the weaker MP5s can gather and do battles at their own level, which would make fights more fun and skill related, instead of just getting murdered in one hit by the stronger MP5s, or hacking at trees all day long. It wouldnt necessarily have to be weak people only, any Mp5 can come if they use weaker creatures so they can be upgraded or something.

I'm not sure exactly what the definition of "weak" is, but if youre someone who is going around trying to find someone to fight, and all of your creatures die in 10 seconds from other people's attacks, you would probably qualify.

It's probably not worth it to talk about a location until everything else is talked about more.

Some rules that could apply?:

1. You cant go there and wipe all the weaker people out with rapid attacks and gain wins fast.
2. Non-maxed creatures only, maxed only allowed if its not too strong and its truely needed, like if you have a bunch of level I's that need upgrading.
3. Put whether you need wins or losses in your papers if youre VERY unbalanced, like 250 wins 350 losses.
4. Common sense?

I know that fighting isnt what MD is all about, but it should be something that is enjoyable for everyone. Gaining 50 losses everyday and never being able to heal your creatures isn't exactly the most fun way to spend your day roleplaying.

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There is something called a sanctuary for those who dislike getting hit upon..you could always move in and out of that to fight. Assuming you find some people to train with.

But racking up 50 losses..sounds as if you go idle somewhere to me, or stay in the same place for a long time.

100 losses more isn't unbalanced as well, it's getting risky from 700-800 losses more, as the skilldamage is at 1000.

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I propose the following rules for fairness, in attack and defense:

1. Tokened creatures must be non-damaging if the tokens more than double the creature's existing stats.
2. No creatureboost may be taken advantage of.
3. If more than 2 maxed creatures are used, the ritual must be under 25% influence.
4. Angiens may not be used with over 50% influence.
5. You may not use influence that gives over 500 attack to your creatures.

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[quote name='dst' date='12 August 2010 - 02:55 AM' timestamp='1281599747' post='65891']
I propose the following: NO MORE training grounds!!!
Weaklings need some way to train their creatures and have fun while doing so. I'd be happy with anything that pulls them out of the sanctuaries, as it would get MD growing again.

The Sparring Grounds excludes mp5s and ally people. But both groups have weak members, and these need a place of some kind of protection from one-shot or two-shot kills by vets, but where they can still fight each other freely.

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Apophys:organized training grounds are a no no in MD at least for mp5s (I am against them for mp3s and mp4s as well but...). Those training grounds or how you want to call them lead to abuses. And the best example is the former GGG. I will not support such organizations.

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GGG is no more.

GoS might become another GGG, hence there are no rules there. Some players go there and break the regen rits. I cannot get angry because I dont want it to have rules.

A player came in the other day stating his rules for the GoS or he will break the rits.

That would mean another GGG in the making.

I will ask politely for the rits not to be broken, but if certain players still want to break it, I wont be offended as there are NO rules. Any form of rules will create another GGG.

Just gotta find another place to regen if GoS gets too hot.

Its not easy getting together to train. Its harder when players are out there breaking up training grounds.

Be resourceful, be sneeky, be creative.

Get some friends together, find some place to train for a while, then run when players come and break it up.

Sounds like fun? *wink*

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In regards to the sparring of Mp5, there really is no need to fight unless, someone is an avid collector of creatures and such, and just likes to fight in general.

I may be incorrect in this, but, to become an mp6, adepts are the main source to reach that goal.
When fighting as an mp5, you have to lower your experience count repeatedly.

To indirectly quote mur's papers, he stated that the fighting stops at mp5. I just don't see the use of it.

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What Mur meant with that is that the learning-process ends in mp5.
By then, you don't fight anymore, but use battles as tools to reachs your targets, you basically know what's going to happen in a battle before you hit the button. He didn't mean that battling each other was not common on mp5 anymore, just look at all the collectors and people who grind stats for one reason or another.

And to become mp6, you need to reach the experience cap in mp5, which once was the work of half a year :))

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if you want a safe training ground
why publicize it?

skill damage is at 1K?
ooh, -900 is a pretty strong number
he must really be strong to be that confident

fighting doesn't stop at mp5
it's just the last mp level which can be accessed normally
the next level needs unusual requirements (adepts)

what's the use of alliances then if you can't train with your allies?

i seem to be the most ignorant mp5 out there
vote up of you agree

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