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A Unique Version Of Attack Lock

Mya Celestia

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[color="#000080"][font="Palatino Linotype"]Do you get farmed by somebody continually? No matter how hard you train you can't defeat them? Have I got an idea for you! The most unique version of attack lock to date. Let me introduce you to...

[color="#FF0000"][size="4"]Strip Lock![/size][/color]

This unique single cast spell would completely strip tokens, personal stats, armor, and any land/alliance bonuses from the merciless farmer for[color="#FF0000"] 1[/color] attack from the caster.

You may be saying, "Hold on! Wait a minute! You can't have a spell like that. It's over powered, unbalanced, and not fair." But, my friends, that's been thought of. This most unique spell would have a [color="#FF0000"]1 cast per week [/color]ability (2 every 2 weeks). It would also not be able to be multiplied. It would also have to be in the wish shop, but shouldn't be excessively deep because of the non-multiplier condition.

Give a little hand to the little guy that's completely frustrated by the grinders! Consider Strip Lock today!

In a nutshell this is a no tokens, no player stats, no player armor, no land/alliance stats spell all in one.[/font][/color]

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So basically, a spell forcing creature-only combat? If so, I'd rather have a spell that has more casts, but affects both the caster and the attacker. Would work well for tournaments of strategic combat-only, and fulfills the intent of giving the 'small guy' a chance to fight back - as long as he is worthy of the win (a.k.a. knows how to set a proper rit).

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Strip Attack?

How about the spell actually strips the player, take a webcam pic and post it in MD? More interesting.... hehehehe

Ok, on a more serious note, effects only 1 attack is not worth it.

Make the spell last for an hour, and the farmer will run for the hills.

2 cast until next spell regeneration and bury it in shop to avoid abuse.


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on a sidenote, there is already No armor spell and weaken spells, so "strip spell" would be overpowering comparing to them if it had all those effects.
I would just stick to stripping off tokens for few minutes on certain player, since you already have combat spells like "mirror ritual", "freeze" and "no multi" , and I like to see diversity.

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  • Root Admin

its overpowered, and most people who will have enough wishpoints to get it, considering it will be burrying far enough, will likely be these strong quest do'ers

also the fact that its insanely strong, and if cast on someone they will merely log out or something.

perhaps it should set their stats to yours for a small period of time (never increase stats, just decrease) so you have an increased chance

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I do like the idea, but not for who all would use it.

Amoran, Myself and a few others were talking about Dojo staff and being able to enforce the rules of said dojo. I'm thinking, if there was a staff built up again, they could team with the LHO or some sort, and be the ones to use that spell for the newbies who get attacked by the repeat offenders.

And maybe not for one attack, but perhaps for a couple, seeing as how once that person attacks said target, they can easily move on to the next and continue. Maybe put a timer on it like all other spells, but keep it to eight minutes without the multiplyer.

Maybe this doesn't make complete sense, or maybe it won't work, but it is my two cents on the subject.

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