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Resource Gathering


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Resources don`t seem to be able to be collected... and I`m not sure if they are being regenerated either

When I try to collect resource from a location that has them (8/12 in this case) I get this message:
[code]~ Apprentice's Lumber Saw ~

#No more resources of this kind (lumber) available at this location, try again an other time.[/code]
This started about the time that water was added as a resource I believe.

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Could you post what tool you were using, which resource you were trying to gather and the specific location(s) that didn't work please. (You weren't early on your tool cooldown were you?)

I just tested gathering lumber using the Apprentice Lumber Saw in two locations of MDA and one in MB and it worked. Rendril and I tested LR and NML the other night.

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