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A Letter To The Powers That Be


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To: The Powers That Be
c/o Muratus Del Mur

Dear Secret Members of the Powers that Be,

It has been long past due that a feature be created for players in regards to the Adepts Page. I have sent messages in the past to our Master, Muratus Del Mur, about this topic in years past to no avail. I now put the idea out to you.

Consider this if you will. I have counted my adepts and I have an extensive list of 56 Adepts. Out of those 56 adepts, I have three that are active at this time, at the most 11. Some of these inactive adepts I have not seen in the realm of MagicDuel since year 3 and the early part of year 4.

I propose, that a feature be created that players are able to kick inactive adepts after a certain amount of time; say a month for example. Like removing people from friends list, I do think a small penalty for kicking adepts should be implemented. This might insure that adepts won't be abusively kicked out of spite. On the other hand, if they adepts have been inactive for a longer time, say 6 months, than no penalty shall be levied against the player.

I do hope that this idea has some merit to the minds of your collective group and believe that it will be a beneficial one to the players of MagicDuel. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Elder Guardian of the Root
Hostess of the ROTM Inn

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  • Root Admin

surely the reason that it hasnt been implemenbted was its rather pointless nature? normally my default arugment is to point at aura's that havevent been finished but since they are done i cant.

I personally feel that there are a lot of things that could be done to make MD better, that have a much greater "point" than this.

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i think i saw one very old post of Grido (but dont remember right if i find something i will edit this :P )

Hhehheheheh well Udgard won 3 RP points nice

but here is the original

Edited by Manda
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