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Aim is simple, be creative.
Write a poem about the fish fountain, play a song about Jonn, make a video of 'a walk through Loreroot', write a mathematical formula and explain it, draw a picture of how you see a character, build The Aramoury out of matchsticks, make an oragami dst etc etc. What you do and how you do it is entirely up to you, you're welcome to use my examples.

Must be Magic Duel related but can be so in an abstract way (if so please give an explaination with). I am banning any submissions about Bob or Goats :( . You can enter as many times as you like and can win more than one prize set, but each entry must be in a different category (so one person can't enter 2 poems for example). [b]Post your submissions here on this thread.[/b]

Submissions will be judged by me on: Humour, Depth, Skill, Logic and Effort. Its likely I will get second opinions pending what you guys do. Rewards go out based on the preference of the first winner and then the preference of the second and so on and so forth.

Rewards (general ages as of day 286):

1) 1 x Imperial Aramour(70s) + 1 x Angien(60s)
2) 1 x Imperial Aramour(70s) + 1 x Angien(60s)
3) 1 x Pimped Grassan(70s) + 1 x Angien(60s)
4) 1 x Pimped Grassan(70s) + 1 x Angien(60s)
5) 1 x Coloured Joker(70s) + 1 x Angien(60s)
6) 1 x Bloodpact Heretic Archer(70s) + 1 x Angien(60s)
7) 1 x Marksman (70s) + 1 x Angien (60s)

Start: Now.
End: Oct 25th

Clause: If only 7 people or less than 7 people participate, you all automatically win and rewards are given out as mentionned earlier.


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Here's a poem I wrote about magic duel in general.(edited)

I sit here upon the GoE
Spending my time merrily
Speaking to friends, telling of lands
Teaching the wise
Telling the young
Listening to everyone

Learning games
Searching for names
A place in Magic duel
The teachings it beholds,
The few who behold it,
Can learn so ever more,
Everyone has something to teach,
And what I teach,
Is still coming to me,

We are all young and foolish,
In ones' eyes,
But at least we all try
To find our names
To show them
To behold them

The name we create
May not always be true to ourselves,
But do not fret,
You do know what your true name is,
Do not let others stir you,
Into believing it is something else,
For you, are your only master, you decide,
Do not ever feel,
Another is.

Written with passion and love, i hope you enjoyed.

Edited by The Great Pashweetie
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A poem - Please read slowly and with all the commas, and stops. Read it with feelings(for some reason, poems make sense that way).
I wanted to participate in this contest, but im still new to this game (8 days) - so, this is pretty much all that i know about MD - sorry if i get some things wrong, im still a mp3 myself - so i dont know much.. and i dont do poetry at all- this is like my 2nd poem in my whole life... But here, enjoy.

[center]MD Noob[/center]

I was born in paper cabin,
Who is sorta like my mother.
Live help is like my father,
Who taught me to be strong.

I ask a bunch of questions,
And then forget the answers.
I fight all day to win,
And now my honor stinks.
And every elder, asks - "What for?"
I proudly say!
"At least my Aramor is level 4!"

And many many days i was exploring,
The awesomeness of MD Story.
And with each try to solve a quest,
I have sent more than 50 different help requests.

I role play like I'm tough,
But fight, hoping on luck.

Oh when, oh when - will i be mp4!?
And they shall call me noob No more!
But that day, is yet to come.

And to my fellow noobs I say!
"How dare you, fall into despair!
This realm is yet to see us rise,
We are its future and its life!
For we are free in all our choices.
Now raise your voices, - strive towards your dream,
Whether it's to become - good King, or Queen,
Or maybe an evil ruler of Necroveen.
Be strong in spirit, and stand your ground -
One day you'll understand this realm.

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I once walked down Berserker's way,
unknowing what might be to find,
walknig down I found the ground
speeding fast towards me...

When I woke- on ground I lay,
I find myself in bind,
on my head there is a wound,
hurting bad and bleeding...

When I rose I start to wonder- say,
"why did this happen"
- looked behind
and saw round thing in the ground,
"so THAT's what made me fall"

It had the smell of mistery,
coming from inside...
I picked it up and opened it,
puzzled as I was...

After that and after this,
the thing was soon be solved
and that was then, when I thought,
"This isn't one of my days"...


My toe was hurt, I hit my knee,
when noticing the sphere,
My head was pounding and was blody,
since I hit the ground,
and now like that was not enough,
I had to suffer more...

My ears were thorn and I was scared,
most scared as I've ever been,
And then I went to sleep... well,
passed out and lost my way

Some kind took me home,
and that was that with this
never again I walk in dark,
but boxes... them I open !

Not much of a poet here... but I hope it's atleast a good try :D:D

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A poem about a maze

Awalking down a path I went,
One clear afternoon,
And on the left a sign I saw,
T'was sitting on a dune.

And read that sign I did with care,
It pointed to a maze,
So heart in teeth down I proceeded,
The world now to amaze.

I took a left, then took a right
Then turned around in spot,
It dawned to me that very moment,
The entrance I forgot.

My eyes then searched a way about,
As worry grabbed a hold,
No exits; only walls of grass,
Around me they enfold.

And hunger was not far behind,
And food nowhere to see.
My belly grumbled quite unkind,
My mind hoped for some tea.

Yet when my lowest I did feel
The end I saw in sight,
A lady came and took my hand,
To guide me from my plight.

She lead me gently down a path
Between two walls of green,
And there in distance I did see
The exit unforeseen.

A lesson this adventure taught,
The world is full of people,
And if they friends of yours they are,
They'll help you in a pickle.


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haha plz spare me this is my first U tube video hehe
surprisingly already 4 Views and comment before i post here hehe the Unique game tag is working hehe
if someone has tips or ways to make the above video better plz mail me thanks

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Yesterday night this cork was a Chewett. He even talked to me...


Now I'm not so sure, but I'll post it the same.

Ops...I forgot the brand...here it is


Edited by VonUngernSternberg
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Well done all, I enjoyed your submissions.

Winners are as follows:

1) VonUngernSternberg
2) Asterdai
3) Faith and Mercy
4) Esmeralda
5) Sephirah caelum
6) Dokutaesu
7) The Great Pashweetie

VonUngernSternberg please PM me your choice of prize. Once he has chosen I will PM Asterdai to make his choice, and so on and so forth.


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Thank you for the quest. It was fun. I must say, I love that cork! It's hilarious! =)

On a side note, I am Esm[b]a[/b]ralda (with an A, not Esm[b]e[/b]ralda). Only bringing it up since I noticed there is actually an Esmeralda in game, but we are different people =)

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Wow i really liked the song... you got a pleasant voice asterdai - just gotta boost up the quality and you can go to straight to American Idol.

This was fun to do.. I loved people's ideas... I hope you'll be doing more contests in the future... even if it has no prizes :D

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