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Unable To Edit The Comments On Self Page


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Well, since I suck at anything HTML related, and I really don't want to bother with it, I just copy/pasted the google reader player code into my comments on self page, which in turn left me unable to edit it.

I don't know if this is fixable, or what, but I guess it could be called a bug...

(When I make changes and click save, it just returns the unedited page... Oh, and I can't even access the HTML-edit page... )

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I cannot access the html edit page, I can acess the editor... The html tab clicking doesn't switch it to code view... And any changes I make in the editor do not show on the page when I save it...

So, I can acess the GUI editor, but can't acess the code editor under the HTML tab... And changes in the GUI editor don't get saved...

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Tried that BFH, with no results.

The player was visible on the Design page in Chrome (though the html tab was inaccessible there as well) and I was able to delete it, which solved the problem...

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