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Drop-Down Prompt Reset Problem

Fyrd Argentus

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If you manually enter a password and click on the button, the code cycles repeatedly the old way.

If you accept the drop-down prompt by arrowing down and hit return twice, then the first time you hit a form button, the password resets and you are dumped out of the code.

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Yes, I'm talking clickables.

Used to be you could only type the password and hit the "speak words" button.

Now if you've been there before, as you type a password you've used before, it prompts you with a drop-down box.

If you use this short-cut, code does not execute properly, as the password resets upon first pass of the code with input button.

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I believe the drop down box is a feature provided by your browser.
There is no reason for it to "reset" the password once you enter it using the drop down. Are you certain that the form is not submitted on the first press of return, and that subsequent presses actually send a blank field form?

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