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Fall Themed Artwork Quest

Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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[center]The Artwork Quest is finally here! Due to a large number of questions concerning the last artwork quest that was held, I have decided to create a fall themed artwork quest which will be a part of the Children of the Eclipse's Autumn Festival!

If you wish to participate in the Quest, please check my quest page for more information.[/center]

Examples of fall themes: Harvest moons, autumn leaves, acorns, wine, pumpkins, gourds, purple grapes, fire, blood.

[size="4"]From quest page:[/size]

[size="3"]1) [/size][size="3"]Explanation[/size] - This is an art contest for those of the realm who seek to show their ability with a pencil, pen, or color anything. It is a contest in which those who participate are expected to send in one well drawn fall-themed work of art. It can be done in any medium, and the person who does his best with it will receive a wish point.

This contest will last all week, and.. depending on the amount of entries sent in during the week of festival, for the rest of the month. (In this case it may last for a total of 2 weeks)

[size="3"]2)[/size] [size="3"]Rules[/size] - 'Cheating' is difficult for this contest as well, however if I find that anyone has plagiarized a work of art (used another artist's work as their own), they will not receive a reward and will be banned from participating in any festival events. All entries must be original, I do not mind 'copying' a work as long as you make that work your own. Copying a pose, or a stance, or taking an idea and working it into something new is fine in my book, so long as it is creatively done. The entry must be YOUR ARTWORK.

[size="3"]3)[/size] [size="3"]How to send in art [/size]- There will be a thread made on the forum concerning the festival, you may post your artwork in this thread.

* In order to participate, you must have access to a scanner or some type of image producing technology (Example: a camera, webcam, etc.).
* Please do not spam this thread with nonsense.
* Enjoy!

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Oh that is beautiful ^_^ simple too

I'm working on a drawing as well. I'm not much of an artist but i'm trying xD

YES! i got my scanner working ;D

The second drawing is the one i am submitting of course.

the first is just something i felt like adding ^_^

Spirit of autumn looking after a forest elf paying his respects to the forest in a sunset. I'll nickname him shem ^_^

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@ Mr. Mystery: It can be made in any way, as long as it is considered an original work.

@ Dst: There are the themes of a full moon, a cup of wine, an ritual knife, and a withered tree. Essentially that is an altar with a prepared ritual. These themes work with autumn.

There is a classic ritual that relates to paganism or wicca (I forget which honestly), I believe which you are supposed to do during Samhain (hallow's eve, halloween) where you are supposed to bathe before the ritual and use a glass of red wine as a tool during the ritual. It's partly why I included wine as one of the themes of autumn.

Here's a quick example of the ritual, I think it can be modified for personal preference according to the user:

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Thank you Amoran :) , I was aiming for more of a ritualistic approach and all I did was just state what was in the picture not what the table, knife with blood on it, or what the cup of red liquid was used for. I had it placed inside a cave because I wanted it to seem a bit more mysterious and have a dark feel to the picture. The water symbolizes balance but also a way of cleansing. Also in some Wiccan rituals they have cloths that drape over the alters/tables, mine is used to just be placed under the cup and the blood tipped knife. I do not have the cloth layed perfectly on the table because I want to show a bit of disorder.

That about sums up the intent that I had in the picture when making it.

The picture was made with water color pencils.

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