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Torch Competion "sitegizmo"


TC "sitegizmo"  

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is it possible for the [b]Torch Competition[/b] to have the [i]sitegizmo[/i] page used on [b]Head Contests[/b]? the reason is that for others to see who are holding a torch, to see how many scores (kills) they have, and to see where their current locations at. the TC is a strategic contest, but to make it a "fairer" game, why not making it a little harder for torch holders/killers if the defending non-allianced players/allianced players/citizens can see them, and have a [b]chance[/b] to stop a torch being transferred to an enemy land? just a thought.

[i]@ maestros Chewett & Shadowseeker, i can't do this thing by myself, i hope i won't get any - rep from you, again. thanks.[/i]

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A page for TC exists but it's not finished yet (last time I heard about it some months ago). I suppose it would have been made public if it was finished. If not then probably it will be made public...

Any other questions? Suggestions?

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[quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1288649795' post='71294']
But if you looked at the list and saw nobody carrying a torch, you wouldn't grab one, and the contest would stagnate until somebody did take one.

i am expecting such a reply from you [i](and i'm sure you're the one who gave the single NOT vote LOL)[/i].

don't assume that a fighter will wait for others to take a torch first before he does, there are players out there "built" for this kind of competition, in short, they have the initiative to grab their land's torch without telling them to do so.

and with regards to Rasiels's post, fear no more, 'cause those who use torch to get into remote locations can now be fragile, and possibly can be killed before they reach their destination :D


i find it funny that they also give you neg reps when you give an idea that can make a mess on their so-called "fun"

go ahead, hit me with your talents on giving neg reps, and i hope those talents of yours can be converted into good ones in-game (if you have any talents in-game)

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Its a good idea but only if it promotes an increase in torch competition. I think scores should be higher than 1's and 2's though that might be due to the lack of rewards and how the kings decide to distribute them.

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