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Mushroom Cult?


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As you know, I am the Mushroom Worshiping Crazy Lady that chases after Z with a net in hand and... yeah anyway.

I was thinking after having a wonderful conversation thingy with Burnsy, that:
There should be a Mushroom Cult!!

I already worship my mushroom... I just need other believers to make it official. We were thinking of just having Mushroom ceremonies/sacrifices to Shroomy and overall causing Mushroom havoc against the Nightshade users and Bob lovers of which have deserted Shroomy!
Maybe someday when we are strong... we can shed the blood of the Tomato Cult...

As always, I want people's ideas on such an idea before really going forth with it. So.. please tell me whatcha think.

Please note that this is unofficial and is completely something to do for fun.

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