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New Training Grounds.



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Well, I've heard peoples concerns about GGG, so I propose an organization of new training grounds. There won't be any rules, but there will be guidelines and a list of people who “follow them”.
There would be a list of those who have a non-damage ritual in their defense, but people who come won't be required to follow them if they don't want to.

Also, since another valid concern is people not learning to fight while training at this kind of training grounds, I was thinking of having people with Fight Club style rituals of different difficulty to help in this regard, as well as a comprehensive guide on the fighting system and it's basics, for those lazy to find it in game. A few small spoilers would be included. (I would need help on this part from people who are willing).

The location, in my opinion, should be the MDP. Since Fight Club is already there, people already train there, and the signpost is there for the reading... Basically, we would just be adding the small combat guide (the one Lifeline has on his papers, I think would be good enough, with some additions) and a list of people who have non-damage rituals, and trying to get more members for the FC. If Burns agrees, of course. Also, it would be good that people who have regeneration rituals on their def add their names to the list.

There would be a staff doing something LHOs should be doing in the MDP, but they fail to do sometimes. Addressing concerns and answering questions that new players, but will be given a distinct line on what is a spoiler and what is not. We would talk this over and determine that line. (only with those who are reasonable and don't start flaming and saying that everything is a spoiler and that we will be creating a generation of dumb players... newsflash: look at the new generation, they are mostly clueless and leave because they find it hard to adapt... If a small amount of help would mean that one in every twenty of those players stays, good.)

To organize such a thing in the Marble Dale Park, I would need consent from the lands king, so I hereby officially ask it, though I will be contacting him in-game as well.

All of those who are willing to be the staff, please add a comment here stating that. I would much like the veterans to be involved in this. Also, mp6 are welcome to be the medical staff, healing newbies.

I was also thinking about rewarding all the mp3s who finish Burns' newbie quest with a set of creatures that includes a UHP and a remains.

Also, I was thinking about an incensive that would give a non-aged angien egg to those who defeat the Loreroot guards...

I had an idea to divide the training possie into crews, whose champions would compete once a week for the title of Trainee of the Week, which would be rewarded with a Tormented Soul.... To avoid domination of one person, the people who win can't represent their crew in the following 5 weeks. There would be four different brackets: mp3, mp4, new mp5 and advanced mp5. I think the rewards should be tweaked to adjust to this.

I will be doing an artwork for this which people could add to their papers.

Once a month we would have a special tournament event which would have a theme (no tokens, Loreroot creatures, Necrovion creatures, No Man's land, Black and White, Colorfull, etc) which would give the winner a title based on different event he won.

Paint it Black, Ranger, Conservative... I would take suggestions on the names.

This is not something that is surely going to be organized. It's an idea, I present it to all the players. There won't be changes to any of the current rules of the SG for mp3 and mp4, just an addition...

Please refrain yourselves from insults and offtopic posts... If you want to give a reason against, please state it clearly... I don't agree because this and that... I don't want this to turn into a flame war, like many other topics do...

Also, this will not be ran or "enforced" or whatever by me... It would be a community project... I am just suggesting the idea... If we set aside our differences and talk about this in a normal way, and reach some kind of an agreement, I will then make a topic with all the things we agree upon which would be a declaration of this "movement" or whatever you want to call it.

I did this in quite of a rush and it's basically just a bunch of ideas put together, I will edit the post later on to add some order, and to add peoples suggestions.

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I would like to help out.

Also I would add a suggestion on tournaments with specific themes, that the tournament is announced about the same time on how much every creature from the Theme Category needs to get maxed. I assume people that aren't motivated to fight and train would join in this kind of competitions.

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Yes, I was thinking that the theme tournaments would be announced one month prior to the tournament itself... So, we would have a tournament and then announce the theme for the next one... Or maybe we would announce all the possible themes, then pull out one from the hat a month before...

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Of course i don't oppose that idea, feel free to join me in the park :)

Some things i don't like, though:
UPs and remains for free
[size="5"]ANGIENS FOR FREE!![/size]

To me, there's a reason why some things are considerably harder to get than others. Either directly question mur's decision to guard them that well, or let it be.
Also, if they really finish my quest (currently), there's a TS in it for them. Few make it further than to the book atm.

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Not for free... I was just suggesting as a kind of push for them to keep at it, but as a reward for various tasks... I didn't know you already awarded a TS for your quest... As I said in the first post, I am open to every suggestion...

And I think you made me blind. :)

Tarq, Neno, Rheggs, Burns, I appreciate the help... I'm too tired currently to think about any of this stuff (long day), and I need to reread all the discussions on previous sparring ground reboots, so I don't repeat mistakes...

Neno, would you be kind enough to try and make a flawed ritual for mp3, as Burns does for mp5 and announce it in the park when you have the time/feel like it and see the reactions of the newer players? I'm curious to see if they would take it well...

And once again, this isn't really official yet, just my curiosity... :)

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It's a good ideia. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is a WP for anyone who have a good ideia for improve Marrind Bell, right? Maybe you deserve it.

The rewards that you suggest, like Burns state, is maybe a bigger than should. And maybe only few people would like to be a trainne or the majorit of trainnes would sigh up just for the rewards and will not care for doing a good job (the old problem of public employment, if you understand me).

And GGG train have limitations. There is a ritual capable increase the wins counter of the winner without give lose to the defeated and both sides lose very few VE (both set 0% of their VE). I would like to use that when I am close to skill damage. There are other good rituals to train that is not GGG. If we will put names of people who follow the rules on a list, how we will set rituals differents from the list?

If you could fix all these issues above, I thing there is notting wrong.

Edited by Novato
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I'm just saying that people who set a non-dmg defense could be on the list so the people who do want to train with rituals that give 0% vs 0% can do it, but don't really have to... Besides, balance is not so hard to achieve with the new changes to the combat system.

Those who aren't on the non-dmg list or the Fight Club list would set any ritual they want...

And no, I don't deserve a WP for this. Really, this is for my benefit as much as the next guy... :)

Oh, on the rewards... They wouldn't be rewarded for being an employee or anything... I probably didn't make myself clear enough in the post... I was thinking of giving rewards for something that would be similar to Burns' quest for new players... To stimulate them to continue being active and learn... Because we all know there are people who aren't satisfied with knowledge alone...

We are fighting a battle to keep as many new players as we can... Not everyone realises the potential of MD on the first glance. Who knows how many smart and interesting people have left because of this... But this isn't the topic for that. Just disregard this part. :)

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Novato' timestamp='1290212027' post='72618']
It's a good ideia. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is a WP for anyone who have a good ideia for improve Marrind Bell, right? Maybe you deserve it.

An idea is nothing if you fail to try and implement it. Personally i feel the idea is not going to go anywhere with the masses of people already at MDNP and the different rules, how can you make a second training ground at MDNP when most mp3/4 obey a differnet set of rules which means you are not allowed to attack freely?

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Also do not forget, if you truly wish to alter it that way, with the current setup and support you have, I will try to stop it.

I'm just saying since SG covers mp3/mp4, while fight club mp5..

If you introduce the new system, you either have to kill the other two, or your own won't be established.

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@ Shadowseeker: I wouldn't be changing any of the current rules nor would I add any more rules... We would just expand the communication a bit and work more on it. And no, we won't be starting the project until there is more support and we work out the details.

Since the current SG system is dead letters on paper, the letters could be changed if this is what bothers you? If we do what Rhaegar did and change the rules of the SG, we will just get chaos... Can't we use the current SG as a foundation and slowly build up?

I would like more input from you in regards why you don't think it's a good idea... And why try to stop it? This is the kind of behavior that I really don't understand. Look, I'm just trying to improve something here, maybe help new players (as I stated above, I count myself in this group), be a little more open and transparent in order to help the fellow man, and you go: With the current support, you'll have to go trough me. Why? If it's because of your personal attachment to the SG, I'm sorry Shadowseeker, but that was left unattended for far too long to be anybodies. (I understand I'll need more people to agree on this in order to add anything and that it needs work, but I'd really like to hear the "why").

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Ah my bad, I wrote this when I just woke up, let me explain more.

First of all I say it is a good idea in general what you propose, but it's certain aspects which I dislike, in this case the combative bits. It's to keep things simple, if you ask me- the simpler, the better to remember. If you now bring in training groups (means more organisation needed as well, else they die out fast..not to mention newbies, and you make this weekly? Many leave soon you know...) at the same location, there's bound to be attacks from others they do not wish, for example.

The other issue is with creatures, we have enough supply via Protectors/Quests already as it is, or on request sometimes. I really don't see a need to spread them that much more, some I think should be recruited by themselves as well.

As for the SG issue..people keep bringing the unattended for time thing. Well, perhaps I should just take it up to silence that argument, but if it goes the same way as the last time, I won't get any PMs even if they complain to themselves about it..and of what use is it then? But I digress, this is about your idea.

To sum it up I welcome your try, but I think you ought to focus more on the newbie help then, because the combative things will be harder to implement, and may as well cause more chaos. If you do manage to pull it off, I have no doubt that it will require a LOT of time tending. And if it works out fine, but if it doesn't, we have another set of things which confused the newbies as for rules (the more you add, the more confusing it can get)..that's what I meant with I would be against it.

If you'd set the combat related things in another location, it would weaken my arguments, it's just that I think the park has enough rules as it is.

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I never said this will be easy. I know this will require alot of time and work... And I believe it is keeping it simple... We just add a list of people with the non-dmg def ritual... This might be done on hate pages or in PL of the "staff", though I don't like the word :) ...And the event (we would see how it works out, if weekly is too often, we change it to 2weeks and the themed turnaments to 6 weeks... or something)

Uh, I don't know what you mean by combat related things... The proposed lessons/trying to get more mp3/mp4 into Fight Club? Or the tournaments stuff... If it's the tournament, it would probably be at some appropriate location... The park is too crowded for that kind of stuff. If it's the lessons, we'll try to do this as much as we can...

About the event: 2 mp5 leaders of crews and 8 people competing isn't that big of a deal, I think... Besides, it would be like that cake eating club, a list of people... To maybe cause some healthy competition and rivalry... The other event would be monthly. Not too hard to organize, rewards would be harder to obtain, if it's decided they should be any... (I have no social connections what so ever... :) )

Yeah, about the creature rewards, I think we all agreed that it's a bad idea, I'll strike that out when I edit the post...

All in all this is not much of a change really... Just trying to make people work what we already have and adding a detail or two...

And thanks for the input. I probably missunderstood it all... (I'm sleep deprived... Go away, leprechauns)

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