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Current Hc And Being A Pain


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Right so here goes.

I move players out of locations the likes of Golemus and Necro.
Why did i do this well first was the issue with farming in Golemus (this issue was fixed today thanks to ether Mur or the council)
I got pm's complaining that is did it.

First i got a PM from one player complaining about another farming
next i find that player the one that complained was in golemus so i move him too
i start getting PM's from both players giving me abuse over the jumping of them

I moved players from necro again and more moaning over it and a debate of the rules
so i pointed to the rules. Now in all of this we have then got a VET player trying to
complain that i am breaking the rule i apparently made. Guess i must be the owner or something
since i made the rules.

I dont play the HC as stated many many time over and over again. The fact thre is a lack of MP5 playing this
round is not my issue. I do what i have been doing for some time my own thing. So now if you look at the rules
it says the players with the GOE spell can jump players to GOE if the feel like it so guess what after the player decided
to bug and annoy me i will just jump them around the place if i find some other spells work well i am going to have my fun.

I dont care if you have an issue with the rules or how i use that spell anymore. Normaly i am nice about it but the people
involved decided it best the try and annoy me and push my buttons so guess what it worked and i am going to have fun now :D

I am making this topic because i am making sure all know what i am doing this time and why
have fun all

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Fine, then I'll throw a party in the Drachorn Lair because I was annoyed by the endless ranting you people did on the forums. (Yes, this was a joke... not a good one, but still...)

If you want to be a mod, you have to deal with the people. If not, don't do it.
I think I apologized for bothering you, but if not, I'll do it here: I'm sorry I didn't take my time to find a two year old topic that has a post that contains the rules on the HC that are applied from time to time and I continued to ask you to confirm them.
And I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful here, and we discussed this in the PM, and that was it.

This is you messing with people and basically abusing the ability because we annoyed you. Not very nice. Do it, but give up your post as a mod of the HC afterwards, because mods shouldn't do that.

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Yes you did apologies in game.
You were not the only one. Yes i am a mod and yes i deal with the abuse
I found the topic by a forum search so i don't thing is a difficult thing to do.
any ways my issue is not with you per say, I am a mod since i have the GoE spell
ALL players that have the spell are mods of HC.

I have a right as one of the GOE spell people to just jump people to GOE as much as i have casting
so i could just have done it for the hell of it so now i am stating i am going to do it for the hell
of it.

I am not abusing the ability as this is one of the uses of the ability. Yes i am annoyed but since others
decided to BUT in i decided feck it i am going to have fun with this HC and see what happens

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[quote name='Burns' timestamp='1291060589' post='73716']
Actually, that is exactly what people with send to gazebo do in HC. Stop people from going to places where others can't go.

You know, make things a little more fair and such.

I ment about the "just for the fun of it porting" part...

And HC isn't fair. :))

@ Yrth: Yeah, as I said, just my luck... You'll make me go and sleep in an internet caffee tonight. ^.^

Edited by Ravenstrider
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That's like kings banning people for the fun of it... Uh, wait, never mind. :) *whistles innocently*

(No, I'm not suggesting any of the kings *coughs* bans people for the fun of it...)

Edit: I was trying to be formal in the PMs... And respectful... So I stated things clearly and concisely, without going around corners... Could you would you, why would you. I don't really like that kind of communication...
And same type of agression can be found in your PMs... Or near it... (at least that's how I see it, but I can miss things).

Edited by Ravenstrider
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ah i was going to reply smartly but you know what i could not be bothered
your PM were not formal in the PMs... And respectful... as you say.

I have made my statement and now you are getting even worse with your comments
are you sure you are not the alt of you know who? you act so much like em

you try to turn this into something else that it is not you try to make it
about something else. If you really want to go down that road we can. But
i will have fun in game with it as this IS an in game issue and you are trying
to make it personal or is it you have a personal issue with me.

Edited by Yrthilian
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Speach patterns and translation issues. Do I have to go over it? Not a native speaker, bla, bla.

The reason I sound like Rheggs is probably because of the same culture/interests/mentality. I don't want to go down that road either... Personal? No... I just have an issue with your fun ruining a part of my gameplay experience.

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  • Root Admin

As with all forms of moderation, there are always the people who dislike what you do. Forget it Yrth, people will always complain when things are done as they should, At least you havent been likened to the leader of WW2 Germany... yet :P

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mainly ignoring the posts in this thread...because I can...

But just for clarity, and I really can't be bothered to source this atm, but the use of the GoE spell is unrestricted, that is, it can be used for whatever intent the person who has it wants, so long as it isn't intentionally favouring a particular person or group in the HC. That means, they can do whatever the hell they want with it, essentially. Yes I have the spell, which is why I make sure to know the rules on its use, and those are them.

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