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More People? More Robots?


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Recentely over the last week i have seen several topics where the strucure of MD is complained against. Intrestingly however both attack the structure from the oppersite points of the spectrum, one arguing there should be more people, and removing the random acts of people ruins it. And then another complaining that it should be more Robotic, and have the system decide much more.

I was wondering what the general public think of this, Whether there should be more Player run things, or should more of it be run by "the machine"

I shall be posting my opinion later if i can indeed remember to do so.

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I think the balance is right. Part of what makes Magic Duel so special is that almost anything that happens is done by a person who you can discuss stuff with, and the system can evolve very quickly, fine tuning itself until the environment changes. But because that takes a lot of effort from people, the amount of automated things (wishpoints, items, Heads, Torch, etc) make a huge difference as well, making it so that people can relax for quite a long while if they need to recover, and there will still always be something for people to do.

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I think the systems should be more flexible and in the hands of the players. Things like alliance structures and bonuses, and who "owns" a particular bit of land etc.

This means more coding and systems, but more power in the hands of the players. That's what I call automation, but apparently not what others do.

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i would say it needs to be more robotic. the game set things are what a new player can instantly relate to. there isn't the ten million questions to ask and search the forums for which is just very dam overwhelming when you get into the player driven things. not sure if i said this correctly but i think most of you will get what i mean.

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while i agree things could be more structured to help new players figure out what to do in md in the end i think there should be more freedom given to players to decide the course of things. This does make play a whole lot more complicated but it also has the potential to make the game more interesting because of the diversified opportunities that would become available.

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